About us

In 2014, Lemon Learning has been created around IT training on a simple fact : the main obstacles to companies’s digitalization are the uses, and thousands of employees will have to be supported in this revolution.

We have implemented measures combining tools at our disposal: virtual classes, presentations, videos, animations. Our customers were satisfied with our trainings, but we weren’t responding to our main task: facilitate the daily lives of employees and to boost our customer’s digitalization.

Rethink the training

Because we were real geeks, it seemed natural to us to be integrated directly in the tools.

Because we are expert in digital training, it seemed natural to us to promote the learning by doing, way more efficient than the passive learning. Some products were already on the market, but these ones seem too cumbersome to be integrated in the business environment, or not focused on the learning by doing. So, we have developed our own solution of interactive guides, with web technologies and an enthusiastic team.

Our interactives guides have quickly sparked the accession of our customers and of their collaborators. For our customers can customize their guides, we have then imagined a creation tools, and a platform to manage and publish them.

Equip the effective change management

We saw that our customers didn’t only have trouble to train, but also to manage the support and the communication around computing projects. So, we have created Lemon Tooltips and Lemon Push, two additional applications that allow us to equip the entire steps to the adoption of an application.

After multiple deployments, results of customer feedbacks and with the measured data of thousands of users, we have developed a strong expertise in the adoption of tools on which we integrate ourselves, and in the approach of projects that we lead.

Management Team:

About us Pierre Leroux CEO

About us Grace Mehrabe COO

About us Guillaume Marquis CTO


About us Thomas Géréec Educational Engineer

Projects direction