About Us

In 2014, Lemon Learning started on a simple journey to “make software easy.” As the world develops into a more digitized society, we decided to create an easy way to provide for the thousands of enterprises and employees in this revolution.

We have implemented measures combining tools: virtual classes, presentations, videos, and animations. Our customers were satisfied with our trainings, but we were not responding to our main task: help the daily lives of employees and to boost our customer’s digitalization.

Rethinking the Training

We are real geeks, and it seemed natural to us to be integrated directly in the tools.

Because we are experts in digital training, it seemed natural to us to promote the learning by doing method, which is more efficient than the passive learning. Some products were already on the market, but those seemed too cumbersome to be integrated in the business environment, or not focused on the learning by doing method. Therefore, we have developed our own solution of interactive guides with web technologies.

Our interactives guides have innovated the e-learning and have benefited our customers. Then, we have introduced a creation platform for our customers, where they can manager and publish their own guides to meet their best needs.

Key to Change

We learned that our customers did not only have trouble to train but also to manage the support and the communication around computing projects. Therefore, we have created Lemon Tooltips and Lemon Push, which allow us to assist our customer to learn the software more effectively.

After numerous deployments, we have developed a strong expertise on the tools through customer feedbacks and the measured data of thousands of users, and we continue to improve everyday.

Management Team

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