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Altran Capgemini Engineering optimizes the use of its HRMS platform


The Challenge

Altran France turned to Lemon Learning to improve its HRIS portal, used daily by 12,000 users to request time off and declare their working hours. The existing portal was not user-friendly, causing excessive workload for support teams while hindering software adoption among employees. Altran aimed to better support its employees and prepare them for future changes to the portal.

The challenge for Altran was finding a solution that could effectively deploy content on a large scale, and support employees across all departments in France.

The Results

  • Altran supported 12,000 internal users in France in adopting its HRMS portal.
  • With the assistance of Lemon Learning’s pedagogical engineers, solution managers gained autonomy and mastery over the HRMS portal.
  • The integration of Lemon Learning eliminated the need for time-consuming in-person training, and facilitated sustainable change management.

internal users trained inside the HRMS portal

“After a few months of using Lemon Learning in the employee portal, I do not regret for a minute my choice of this solution, on the one hand because the feedback from our users is very positive, and on the other hand because our internal support teams are already receiving fewer questions on using the portal.”

Emmanuelle Gérand, HR & Change Management Project Manager,
Altran France

The Lemon Learning Solution

During the technical implementation and project framing phases, Altran relied on the expertise of Lemon Learning teams. After training, Altran solution managers were able to independently manage the tool with the added benefit of regular check-ins.

Lemon Learning was implemented as a powerful change management system across the different departments of Altran France. The solution not only provides real-time support to thousands of employees using the HRIS portal, but also allows Altran to communicate directly with their teams through the HR portal’s push notification functionality. This results in better message visibility and targeted distribution to the right users.

Altran’s support teams have also seen positive results. Where they previously spent a significant amount of their time correcting data entry errors or manually handling certain processes, Lemon Learning now reduces support costs through automation and the industrialization of tasks. The benefits are felt both by administrators (streamlining content updates, segmentation of profiles, etc.) and end users (form field auto-filling, auto-correction, etc.). 

Lemon Learning’s approach of combining immediate tool mastery without time-consuming in-person training and focusing on sustainable change management has proven to be a winning combination for Altran. The solution has resulted in benefits for all stakeholders in the company, leading to a more efficient and streamlined HRIS portal.

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