8 HRIS tools to support the digitalization of HR

Digital transformation is in its golden age, and it’s clearer than ever that the digitalization of Human Resources is no longer an option. The centralization of data, automation of tasks, and standardization of processes are just a handful of reasons for HR to go digital! But what tools are available to effectively carry out this digitalization?

Here’s an overview of HRIS software on the market: 

Oracle HCM Cloud: The All-in-One HRIS for Talent Management

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Oracle, it’s its long-standing reputation. The software market leader has been named Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the fifth year running. In 2020, Oracle HCM Cloud stood out in particular among the Cloud HCM suites for companies with more than 1,000 employees. But what exactly does Gartner find so reputable? 

Features of the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 

If Oracle HCM Cloud is recognized as a world leader in HRIS for Talent Management, it’s because it has a lot to offer. Among other things, the HRIS allows you to: 

  • Manage all HR processes from hiring to departure.
  • Centralize HR data. 
  • Pilot the Talent Management strategy with a complete and real-time vision thanks to the analytical tool. 
  • Personalize the user experience (business processes, content, information) for a better digital experience for employees.
  • Manage talent by being at the forefront of innovation: task automation, AI, and digital assistants.

If you have chosen Oracle, find out how to train your employees efficiently using embedded interactive guides. 

Workday: the HRIS focused on change management

The world is changing. It’s on this observation that Workday relishes conquering the ETI and the large companies of the world. While change management remains the Achilles heel of most companies, the American pure-player is positioned as a HRIS that relies on innovation to help companies anticipate change. In 2020, Workday was among the leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM solutions for companies with more than 1000 employees. But what can it do?

Features of Workday

The Workday HRIS isn’t lacking in features. In short, it allows you to:

  • Drive talent management strategy with augmented analytics (Machine Learning, HR analytics).
  • Automate HR processes (from recruitment to compensation).
  • Personalize the employee experience with data (recommendations, personalized reward plans)

In other words, Workday is a HRIS that allows you to manage HR with a focus on change management. 

Sopra HR Software: the HRIS that wears many hats

Thanks to Sopra Steria, Sopra HR Software is an HRIS that bills itself as a “partner in the digital transformation” of companies. With its multiple roles (editor, integrator, consultant), the HRIS is mainly targeted at small and medium-sized companies and large corporations. Sopra HR offers a wide-range of tools, including administrative and payroll management, talent management, Core International HR, time and activity management, and a collaborative HR space. Moreover, the HRIS is also among the leaders in the sector. In 2020, the Knowledge Solutions Quadrant named Sopra HR as a ‘technology leader’ in the SPARK Matrix of multi-country payroll solutions. What makes it stand out?

Features of Sopra HR

Sopra HR HRIS features include:

  • HR strategy management using various HR solutions (administrative, payroll, talents, time, and activities). 
  • Optimization of HR performance with HR analytics.
  • Personalization of the employee experience with individualized career paths. 

But there are still other HRIS solutions available!

Talentsoft: the HRIS for GPEC and training

Talentsoft is a French pure-player specializing in Job and Competency Planning and Training, with a focus on medium and large companies. Today present in more than 130 countries, the HRIS is one of the leaders named in the Talent Management Value Matrix of Nucleus Research and is among the Niche Players in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM solutions for companies with more than 1000 employees. Beyond supporting the digitalization of HR, Talentsoft’s main goal is to offer a better work experience to talents. So how does it work?

Features of Talentsoft

Focused on the digital experience of employees, the Talentsoft HRIS has many features. Among other things, it helps you to: 

  • Manage all HR processes with innovation thanks to the different solutions of the Talentsoft suite: HR planning, recruitment, onboarding, performance and skills management, talent review, training, and compensation.
  • Unify and personalize the employee experience for better engagement of talents in your company, inparticular by relying on data, collaboration, and interactivity on digital tools.
  • Align HR strategy with company strategy and anticipate future changes with HR planning.
  • Measure, structure, consolidate and analyze HR data with HR Analytics and Talentsoft Hub. 

Cornerstone OnDemand: The HRIS Expert in Educational Innovation

Since change is always in order, it’s important to equip companies and their employees to deal with it in the best possible way. That’s why Cornerstone OnDemand’s HRIS relies on innovation to support companies in their digital transformation. In total, the HRIS offers seven solutions covering recruiting, training, skills development, performance, career management, and HR data. But what exactly does it do?

Features of Cornerstone OnDemand

With a focus on innovation, Cornerstone OnDemand HRIS enables you to: 

  • Simplify recruiting and enhance the candidate experience by leveraging technology with Cornerstone Recruiting’s centralized view, customized onboarding portals, social tools, interactive media, and automated workflows. 
  • Support innovative employee skills development with customized training focused on learner engagement and productivity (LMS, content selection from external providers).
  • Optimize career planning and performance management of employees and teams through data (profile differentiation, skills assessment, personalized development plans, centralization of HR data).

PayFit: the HRIS specialist for automated payroll

What about small businesses? Aimed at SMEs, PayFit is a software program specialized in payroll and human resources management. Although it is aimed at SMEs, the French HRIS with European ambitions is also suitable for start-ups and very small businesses. What about functionalities?

Features of PayFit 

Among other things, PayFit allows you to: 

  • Manage payroll in a digitalized way (vacations, absences, expense reports, working hours, etc.).
  • Reduce administrative costs thanks to automation (pay slips, declaration of contributions, updating of collective agreements, calculation of social declarations).

Cegid: the HRIS for payroll and HR management, whatever the size of the company 

Dynamic human resources management: that’s what Cegid’s HRIS offers. With its various digital solutions, Cegid addresses both small and large companies. While SMEs can rely on solutions such as Cegid HR Sprint and Cegid Quadra, SMEs and large companies have solutions like Cegid PeopleNet, Cegid HR Ultimate, Cegid Talent, and Cegid HR Insights. So there are many solutions, but what can they do in concrete terms?

Features of the Cegid

Among its many functionalities and features, the Cegid HRIS suite allows you to: 

  • Accelerate regulatory management. 
  • Simplify payroll and HR management with PeopleNet (task automation, simplification of HR processes, analytics). 
  • Improve human capital management and increase employee engagement with the Cegid Talents solution (recruitment, training and development, HR and BI analyses, performance and skills management, HR Core).
  • Improve decision-making. 

In addition, Cegid also allows you to customize your HRIS offering with additional à la carte services.

SAP Success Factors: HRIS with a Focus on the Employee Experience 

Companies will not succeed without quality employee experience. That’s the conclusion of SAP Success Factors, for which “human experience management” is fundamental. Employee experience, talent management, payroll, and HR management are all specialties of the HRIS. So what are the features of SAP SuccessFactors HRIS?

Features of SAP Success Factors 

With its functionalities, the SAP Success Factors HRIS allows you to: 

  • Improve the entire employee experience for better engagement (surveys, talent management, personalization of the digital experience, etc.).
  • Simplify administrative and payroll management (HR compliance, process standardization, etc.).
  • Optimize HR management (HR analysis, workforce planning). 

As you can see, there’s no shortage of HRIS solutions! But the most relevant solution will always be the one that allows your organization to meet its specific challenges. Are you already anticipating your next step? Find out how to efficiently implement an HRIS and accelerate the adoption of your HRIS with the Lemon Learning digital adoption platform

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