IT governance: improve the productivity and satisfaction of your users

gouvernance it productivité

IT governance is a concept that has become increasingly important in the world of enterprise technology. This form of discipline involves a structured plan to monitor and extend the use of software and systems to ensure efficiency and good practices. A well-implemented IT governance allows companies to benefit from better productivity, a balance between results and costs and, above all, greater user satisfaction.

In this article, we look at some of the best practices to implement. Let’s go!

What is IT governance?

IT governance is a concept that brings together all the practices and processes designed to guide the sharing and use of data from a software or system. It is primarily a set of rules, practices, procedures, and tools that are applied to help monitor a system and ensure that it uses defined guidelines and operates in the most efficient way. The primary goals of IT governance are to ensure data security, technology adoption, and use of the most appropriate functions.

What are the main benefits of IT governance?

The establishment of good governance offers many advantages:

  • Improves the security of data and systems, because it makes it possible to define and respect a coherent set of practices and procedures.
  • Allows users to access the data they need more quickly, because it facilitates access to more precise and better information.
  • Allows users to better understand the systems and to collaborate better with each other and with other companies, because it allows the adoption of standardized methods and processes.
  • Improves productivity, since it allows users to become familiar with the system more quickly and reduces errors.

How to apply IT governance principles?

There are many best practices companies can adapt to improve IT governance and, in turn, improve productivity and user satisfaction. Some of these practices include:

  • Develop a data conversion plan. This project aims to efficiently migrate an existing database to a new system or application.
  • Develop a data audit process to ensure data is reliable and accurate.
  • Use advanced security techniques to ensure data is safe at all times.
  • Set up a backup system to ensure that data is safe from loss or damage.
  • Develop procedures for efficient updating and deployment of applications and systems.
  • Develop procedures to help users better understand and use the system.

What’s the best way to improve IT governance?

The best way to improve IT governance is to implement an application management system. This type of system makes it possible to unify all the software and applications and to associate them with keywords to make them easier to find and use. It also collects statistics and data to help understand how the system is used and to define strategies and practices to improve its use.

Lemon Learning is a solution designed to help companies improve the use of their business software through interactive guides directly implemented in the tool. It also allows companies to monitor the performance of their applications and analyze how they are used so that they can improve user experience and satisfaction.

IT governance is a concept that can be confusing, but is very important in helping companies improve productivity and user satisfaction. By applying some of the best practices cited in this article, companies can not only improve data security and quality, but also improve the use of applications and systems and, as a result, increase their productivity and satisfaction.


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