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Bouygues Construction optimizes the use of an internal CRM

The Challenge

As part of an ongoing digital transformation and redesign of their IT system, Bouygues Construction called on Lemon Learning to optimize the use of its internal site management software.

Highly solicited by employees for operational tasks, group managers wanted to support these ready trained users on the application who might need periodic assistance, as well as to guide occasional users using the tool for a specific action, and increase visibility of the launch of new features on the application.

The Results

  • Bouygues Construction supported nearly 150 CRM users with varied profiles.
  • The Lemon Learning solution was tailored to the specific needs of Bouygues Construction, which included the integration of a glossary and a feedback questionnaire
  • Multilevel interactive guides were created, to cater to every user skill level.

users trained in the CRM

The Lemon Learning Solution

In order to respond to the many uses of Bouygues Construction’s internal tool, Lemon Learning was customized to the many user profiles as well as to their different levels of familiarity with the software, helping all users navigate the tool effectively whether frequent or occasional users. User interviews were conducted prior to the design of the guides to identify different uses to create better, more relevant content.

The content created was designed to guide users step-by-step through basic functions as well as to highlight certain features of the tool. And the solution has proven its worth: administrators save time, thanks to reduced need for support and training, and users benefit from more effective use of the tool’s many powerful functionalities.

Lemon Learning went further in supporting Bouygues Construction’s employees by proposing the implementation of a glossary of technical terms in the solution because of the operational nature of the software. Users were also able to contribute to a feedback questionnaire integrated in the tool, promoted through the push notification feature of Lemon Learning.

Beyond the educational aspect of the solution, Lemon Learning addressed Bouygues Construction’s unique needs by offering an easy-to-use industrial solution that also offers personalized support for users.

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