conduite du changement

Objectives and benefits

  • Accompanies digital transformation and simplifies acquiring new practices.
  • Engages and involves employees.
  • Gets newcomers involved with their tools prior to face-to-face trainings.
  • Gives a tool to managers to animate and control change.
  • Improves the efficiency and productivity of employees.
  • Registers in the long term to change practices in a sustainable way.
  • Reduces training costs.
  • Shortens implementation deadlines.

Our methodology: Provide a tailored answer

Learning and mastering digital tools is a lever for productivity and strong change. To implement this change, we start with the problems that our customers have to generate interest and to raise the competence of the whole organization.

  • Thanks to a multidisciplinary team, we can implement a change management methodology, with you and provide quality media and content (newsletters, videos …). We know how effective project management is through good communication before, during and after deployments.
  • The Lemon Learning interactive guides directly integrate a help system in the application and can be inserted as simple links in your Learning Management System or in emails as a newsletter.
  • Learning by doing: Learning by doing, directly in a situation. We have adoption rates well above the industry average. The micro-learning format built into the tool offers much better results in terms of memory anchoring.
  • Communication with the end user is key. We permit the sending of push notifications  directly in the situation: the goal is to communicate the new functionalities that have been put online, new guides, updates etc. at the right moment and fo the right person. You choose the targeted users and the duration of the Push campaign.
  • Agility: effortless and dynamic evolution and adaptation on projects. We support our customers and implement a dynamic methodology to respond quickly and efficiently to their needs.
  • Monitoring and change management: we give you access to a complete dashboard with usage statistics, success rates, by business, entity, services etc. You have the overview of all the data and can measure the ROI of your campaigns and training. We also provide you with custom reports for your business and activity.
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Why choose Lemon Learning: Our services

Creation of personalized content

  • Creation of your own content and setting up of your training courses.
  • Integration of diverse customised elements

Software adoption and uses

  • A solution developed with features dedicated to user requirements and the adoption of your software
  • Tracking, reporting and monitoring

Industrialized translation


  • Access to multilingual guides
  • Interface to manage translations quickly and easily

Reactive customer service

  • We are at your side and always help you find a suitable solution
  • Possibility to set up customized solutions thanks to available technical teams