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DPD accelerates user adoption on Octime


The Challenge

DPD France, with its 2,200 employees, has adopted Octime, a comprehensive HRIS solution, to manage employee data and track working hours and time off requests. Despite the tool’s capabilities, sector managers – its primary users, are frequently on the move and found it challenging to work with Octime.

In response, tutorials were created to train Octime users, but the process of updating these tutorials to reflect new features became unsustainable. Recognizing this challenge, DPD France engaged Lemon Learning to assist employees in utilizing Octime effectively while streamlining the process of updating tutorials and training materials for trainers.

The Results

  • DPD embraced innovative learning by implementing Lemon Learning across its entire HR system in France, with the aim of boosting user adoption and reducing support requests.
  • Working closely with Lemon Learning’s pedagogical engineers, DPD created 50 interactive training guides to meet the specific needs of its employees.
  • The integration of Lemon Learning had a dramatic impact on support requests, reducing them by nearly 70%. 

interactive guides created

Before deploying Lemon Learning, we often heard users saying our time management tool was difficult to use. Today, we no longer hear it. The benefit of Lemon Learning is having been able to transform complicated or rarely-used tasks into simple ones.

Karim Gozzi, HR Director, DPD France

The Lemon Learning Solution

Lemon Learning provided a customized solution tailored to DPD’s technology infrastructure. The solution was designed with ease of use and engagement in mind, and it was quickly adopted by users. Today, many employees utilize the tool on a daily basis to maximize the benefits of the HRIS software and frequently refer to it when encountering questions.

The interactive guides offer step-by-step, personalized training for Octime users, regardless of their technology proficiency or familiarity with HR procedures. The guides enable employees to quickly and efficiently become proficient in using the HRIS system.

The DPD France teams had the freedom to develop robust guide content and manage their platform independently, with the added benefit of Lemon Learning’s training and support throughout the design and deployment phases. Lemon Learning continues to provide support through ongoing statistical analysis of guide usage, which enables the optimization of content.

Lemon Learning streamlines the training process, by eliminating the need for repetitive updates to documents and screenshots. The training teams can easily create updatable content using the intuitive editor. Increased adoption of the tool lead to fewer errors for HR teams to correct and ensured timely payroll for employees. This allowed IT teams to focus their time and efforts on higher value-added projects, rather than being bogged down by repetitive updates

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