Lemon Adoption

  • Boost user productivity with an all-in-one resource
  • Integrate with ease, entirely code-free
  • Guide users with interactive guides, available on-demand


lower support costs on average for our customers.


less face-to-face training, an accelerated post-COVID trend.


time saved in creating and updating training content.

An embedded software adoption solution

Juggle multiple projects at once and measure real-time results to ensure your users receive personalized and relevant support.


With users directly inside their software applications. Use in-app messaging, Tooltips or Push notifications to deliver your message to the right place, at the right time.


Build and update training content, with complete autonomy or in collaboration with a dedicated team of pedagogical engineers.

Lemon Analyze


Thousands of users to analyze the impact of your projects, in just a few clicks.


Training content with our integrated translation feature. Whether you select automated or manual translation, you keep full control of your content.

A complete kit of features

Optimize your team’s user experience thanks to interactive, on-demand content.

Interactive Guides

A guide is a sequence of steps used to walk users through a process (e.g., new feature, new module) from start to finish.

A guide's primary objective is to provide interactive training and support, directly inside a software environment, to promote active learning by doing.

A guide is created based on real issues identified using quantitative and qualitative data, to best meet the needs of users.

guides conception lemon learning

Content Creator

Easy to use Editor

Create personalized content in just a few clicks, with no-code required. The intuitive editing platform facilitates automated and intelligent content creation.

Evolving Content

There's no need to constantly revise your training manuals and lengthy, 200-page PDFs. Your content can adapt to changes in your tools and grow with you. You can make updates easily in just a few clicks instead of having to modify multiple pages.

Support On All Applications

Thanks to our unique detection algorithm, your content automatically adjusts to any software, whether it's a CRM, ERP, HR application, or even a proprietary in-house tool.

Push Notifications

A push is a notification that automatically opens in the user’s workstation, making it an ideal way to communicate with users.

You can be creative with the insertion of images, GIFs, videos, or questionnaires and program a period over which the push should be sent.

You can also link a push to a guide, prompting users to visit a specific guide once they click ‘Launch the guide’.

Smart Launcher

Is this the first time a user has come to a page? With the Smart Launcher feature, your guides are automatically triggered without user action to provide immediate assistance.


The information bubble provides a convenient way to deliver specific information to users at the right moment.

It's possible to include a variety of content in the bubble, including images, videos, and links. Additionally, text can be added directly within the bubble.

Tooltips appear according to task, page, or even user profile, offering tailored step-by-step guidance. Think of it as GPS navigation for your software!

Lemon learning adoption analytics

Advanced Analytics

Get relevant information about what works and what doesn't. Evaluate interactions between your users and their resources, from user journeys to interactive guide view rates to the most viewed formats (text, PDF, video).

  • Analyze data trends to mitigate and anticipate problems.
  • Analyze individual data to provide personalized training courses (adaptive learning).
  • Analyze user behavior to improve employee engagement and development.

Unlock user mysteries with our in-depth Lemon Analytics tool in an easy-to-use dashboard.

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