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  • Improve user experience
  • Reduce user churn
  • Measure user adoption
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A turnkey solution that adapts to your challenges

Optimize training and streamline processes to save time

Update onboarding and internal training
Implement internal process improvements to optimize efficiency
Highlight processes that have been overlooked or deemed negligible

Achieve your information system vision

Have a global vision of your tools and how they’re used
Identify the missing tools in your ecosystem and where to put your efforts
Accelerate software updates with effective training and change management

Analyze software usage rates to optimize costs

Reduce software licenses by up to 30%
Remove unused and ineffective tools
Improve the Time to Value of your software 

Software Usage Intelligence


Each dashboard is completely customizable to adapt to your queries


Inspect the OS Segmentation, login, and views of your audience
Lemon Analyze

Less friction

Identify areas of friction to help users reduce their support needs


Gain valuable insights on retention rates across timelines

Lemon Learning works with any application accessible from a web browser

Compatible with all web-based software

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