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Randstad accelerates employee user adoption on G Suite


The Challenge

As the world’s leading HR Services provider, Randstad sought to enhance the adoption of its business tools among its widespread workforce located across various group entities with a common IT infrastructure. To achieve this, Randstad required a solution that could be seamlessly integrated into employees’ day-to-day work platforms, enabling them to receive training without having to leave their working environment.

Lemon Learning was selected to support 4,500 Randstad employees due to its seamless integration and low disruption to employees, as it is directly embedded into the tools they use on a daily basis. The lemon Learning rollout began on Randstad’s G Suite tools.

The Results

  • Randstad supported 4,500 users with their daily operations across business software, starting with G Suite.
  • Users experienced an increase in efficiency thanks to step-by-step and context-based support.
  • Employees swiftly embraced the Lemon Learning solution, leading to subsequent rollouts on platforms such as Salesforce and an internal video recruitment tool.

users trained inside G Suite

The little bonus of Lemon Learning is the ease of use for administrators and the simplicity and discovery for users, who are guided step by step.”

Olivier Lepoivre, Digital Workplace Manager, Randstad France

Lemon Learning's solution

One of the key factors that led to the rapid adoption of Lemon Learning was its non-intrusive and user-friendly nature. The discreet player seamlessly integrates with employees daily tools to provide context-based support, just like GPS navigation for software features, to simplify their work processes. With content available on demand, users have complete autonomy and control over their learning experience.

In addition to its training capabilities, Randstad leveraged a crucial feature of Lemon Learning – push notifications. The impact of this feature was immediately obvious from the back office, with a significant increase in guide views each time a push notification was published.

The analytics provided by Lemon Learning offer significant advantages to administrators, enabling them to easily monitor and assess the usage of content. This allows for continuous optimization of content creation and distribution, resulting in more targeted and relevant communication to the appropriate users, at the appropriate time.

With its quick and seamless implementation, the Lemon Learning solution integrates with a variety of leading business software solutions as well as custom in-house tools. Quickly embraced by Randstad employees, the solution was later rolled out on Salesforce and an internal video recruitment tool, staying true to its objective of guiding users every step of the way.

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