Why Lemon Learning?

Microsoft Dynamics is a software with multiple features, which makes it complex for users. Lemon Learning seeks to avoid this problem by implementing the focus on step-by-step guides. Thus, we offer a complete set of interactive guides to expedite the mastery.

Our guides allows quick training in Microsoft Dynamics. We also integrate an authoring tool to enable you to create customized guides to meet your best need. Finally, we have developed a push alerts that will keep you informed on the latest updates. 

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a platform with various applications dedicated to businesses. The CRM offers access to various components such as sales, marketing or customer service. These functions  improve business performances and can be used separately to handle specific tasks.

Tools built into Microsoft Dynamics

  • Sales: This service allows you to expand your business by optimizing the performance of your sales teams.
  • Customer service: This solution aims to promote the loyalty of your customers and facilitate the tasks of your agents.
  • Operations: Use powerful ERPs to make decisions faster with captured data.
  • Marketing: This tool gives you a global overview of your customers and allows you to anticipate their needs by adopting a proactive approach.
Do you want to set up a personalized training plan for one of these tools? CONTACT US!

Our Interactive Guides, accessible from Dynamics gives you access to complete training.

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Customized content: Create your guides in a few clicks. Thanks to our author tool.

Expertise Lemon Learning

Expertise on Microsoft Dynamics: Our project managers accompany you during the training process for optimal handling.


Fast Deployment: Lemon Learning training is suitable for massive deployments with a large number of users.

Real Case

In order to improve the use of the commercial clients in the health industry, Lemon Learning set up an integrated training on Microsoft Dynamics. Dynamics’ super-users have worked with Lemon Learning teams to inform users of best practices and tips.

Discover Sales on Microsoft Dynamics

  • Learn how to interpret your data to increase your sales
  • Generate email interactions with your customers
  • Reduce costs by automating your sales processes
  • Expedite the business performance 

Customer Review

Maxime B. Sales Director

"I've been looking for an effective solution to train my team at Dynamics for quite awhile and when Lemon Learning contacted us, I was immediately impressed by their product. The deployment was relatively quick and within 3 weeks my colleagues were much more comfortable with the Dynamics."