What is Sharepoint?

SharePoint is an intranet dedicated to storing your team’s content. It unites the people you collaborate with, both inside and outside your company, in real time. This tool is accessible at any time via all media: computer, tablet and mobile.

Démonstration vidéo sur Sharepoint

Example of Sharepoint Online training course with Lemon Learning:

  • Master the navigation in SharePoint
  • Create lists and document libraries
  • Document management
  • Creating views
  • Discover the collaborative components: announcements, contacts, blog, links, tasks, etc.
  • Know how to use “My Site” to store and manage your information
  • Invite others to use your documents
  • Work offline
  • How to recover data in Office
  • How to create a workflow

Sharepoint: Improving it's use with Lemon Learning

  • Training in all key features in an intuitive and interactive way.
  • Rich content within the bubbles: text, videos, quizzes, etc.
  • Ability to adapt to the level of the users.