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Integrated directly into Moodle, our tools gives you access to our Interactive Guides designed specifically for you. The goal is to offer a simple and effective e-learning solution to help your employees through the Moodle interface. Our content presents the various tools to facilitate the mastery of the software.

Unlike other traditional learning tools, our clients will be able to save time and easily exploit the benefits of Moodle. Beyond the training aspect, we also focus on application. Since the release of Moodle 2.0, a new version is online every 6 months. Lemon Learning keeps your training content up-to-date with periodic updates. In order to stay informed with the latest updates, push notifications will inform you as soon as a guide is available. 


What is Moodle?

Founded in 2002, Moodle is an online learning platform promoting communication between teachers and students on educational content. This tool shares many features with other online training platforms. It includes a module for creating assessments that can be shared and reused in different assessments. Moodle is also very flexible, which allows the optimization the management of different contents to meet the needs of trainers.

Nowadays, the platform has been translated into more than 120 languages ​​and now has 100 million users.

Tools built into Moodle

  • Course management: The teacher could modify all the settings for his or her class. 
  • Duty module: Students can upload their homework directly to the server. The teacher’s feedback is displayed on each student’s work.
  • Forum module: This discussion tool allows students to ask questions directly to their teacher.
  • Module Test: Teachers could create a test on Moodle. These are categorized and can be reused for other tests. The tests are automatically evaluated, and can be scored again if questions are modified.
  • Database module: This feature allows the teachers to create a questionnaire.
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Our approach to Moodle

Our contents are directly integrated into Moodle for a rapid and optimal application

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Customized content: Do you want to create your own training guides? Design your own guides with just a few clicks to make Moodle easier.

Expertise Lemon Learning

Expertise on Moodle: You can benefit from the expertise of our project managers.


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Real Case

Lemon Learning implemented an integrated training on Moodle to make the platform easier for the entire faculty members of the client’s organisation. Educational support has been set up to assist our client in a management process.

ENT on Moodle with Lemon Learning

  • Take advantage of the platform
  • Learn how to answer online questionnaires
  • Make progress by optimizing course management

Customer Review

François B - School Head Headmaster

"This solution has enabled our entire teaching team to use the platform more effectively, which is a big advantage in fostering a work between teachers and students"