Training with Lemon Learning: Making it easier to learn to use Oracle

Lemon Learning intervenes directly on the Oracle interface and presents the user with the precise functionalities that he needs.

What is Oracle?

Oracle is a software solutions publisher whose main strength is managing databases. Oracle tools are now very numerous (ERP, human capital management, supply chain tools, Performance Management, IoT applications, etc.). It’s Cloud part offers very advanced applications and services. Oracle Cloud is the largest public cloud computing platform in the industry.

Oracle Cloud offers Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

Lemon Learning Guides for Oracle

Oracle integrates a set of components on which Lemon Learning has comprehensive guides to offer advanced and effective training.

  • CRM On Demand: CRM provides a better customer experience through the life span and all  points of contact.
  • Oracle EPM: Linked to BI tools and Oracle pre-parameterized analytical applications, Oracle EPM provides an end-to-end integrated performance management system.
  • Oracle HCM Cloud: A human capital management solution that relies on real-time reporting. Oracle HCM Cloud benefits from Oracle’s experience gained on PeopleSoft HR solutions and E-Business Suite.
  • Oracle Social Network: The social network part of the Oracle cloud suite.
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Our adoption project approach for Oracle.

On-the-shelf content that gives access to a complete turnkey training.

Laptop Bureau

Customized content: With our author tool, you have control over the content of the guides

Expertise Lemon Learning

Oracle expertise: Our project managers know Oracle well and can accompany you in your pedagogical approach.


Fast deployment: Our multilingual solution is suitable for deployments involving a large number of users.

Example of Oracle path: CRM On Demand

  • Onboarding: Discover the Ondemand CRM
  • Successfully migrate to Oracle CRM
  • Reduce user confusion and human errors
  • Standardize business processes

Example of a concrete case

For a customer in the IT sector, Lemon Learning has set up training for Oracle On Demand, specific to sales purposes. Pedagogical support has been set up by our CRM specialist project manager to support our client through the change management process.

Customer testimonial

Alexandre S Sales Executive - IT Direction commerciale - Informatique

"We had a real need for training the sales teams that did not use the tool correctly or even ignored it completely. The training modality corresponds completely to our needs. "