Lemon Learning: How to improve the adoption of SAP?

Lemon Learning works directly on the SAP user interface and presents the user with features, tips and technical processes that are useful to him on a daily basis.

What is SAP?

SAP is one of the most powerful ERPs on the market. SAP supports companies in managing their data, from sales management, accounting records and human resource management, to a global vision of the impacts that a decision could make on the entire organization, company or service.

 For the record, SAP was created in Germany in 1972 by five former IBM employees who wanted to develop a standard real-time business data management software. In 1980, the company expanded internationally by opening subsidiaries in various countries (USA, Italy, Denmark and Sweden). Today, a world leader in many of its offerings, SAP continues to grow with the launch of Hana in 2015, allowing the publisher to create a cloud that further expands its range of possibilities.

SAP integrated cloud tools

  • S/4 Hana: ERP based on SAP’s new In-Memory architecture, which stands out as SAP’s flagship offering. Incorporates tools such as Simple Finance, Simple Logistics, IBP for Finance or Cash Management.
  • SuccessFactors: A human resource management cloud solution, SuccessFactors generates, collects and interprets real-time data: talent management, key HR functions, collaboration tools and personnel management analysis tools.
  • SAP C4C (Hybris): SAP Cloud CRM solution, agile and integration for ERP. SAP Cloud for Customer supports all customer relationship processes from marketing to sales. It connects back-office systems to customer touch points and connects the supply chain to interactions on social networks.
  • Business Objects Cloud (BOC): Online Reporting Tool
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Our adoption project approach for SAP

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Help with migration and onboarding: We provide comprehensive training for the main SAP modules to help discover all it’s features.

Laptop Bureau

Custom Content: Create your own content in a few clicks using our authoring tool and adapt your guides to your specific SAP practices.

Expertise Lemon Learning

SAP expertise: Our teaching teams have developed strong skills in SAP modules and can support you in the long term.


Speed ​​of deployment: Lemon Learning interactive guides are suitable for massive, multilingual deployments and addressing diverse populations (possibility to allocate training to entities or trades in particular).

Example of a concrete case

As part of a major deployment, Lemon Learning has set up a complete training course on SAP C4C, specific to the uses of the target population (very different jobs within the group, dispersed geographically). A change management process was put in place (questionnaires, communication, newsletters) to accompany the deployment.

Sample SAP Path: C4C Training

  • SAP Cloud for Customer Overview
  • Using the main features
  • Advanced tools and piloting
  • Good practices and tips

SAP SucessFactors training with Lemon Learnings

  • Step-by-step guides to help you take control of the platform
  • Adapted and interactive content accessible directly from the SuccessFactors interface.
  • Lemon Tooltips (contextual information allowing to communicate with the user, within a defined period of time)
  • An author tool to allow you to design your own guides according to your best internal practices.

Customer testimonial

Marie D. Head of IS - Industry Responsable SI - Industrie

"We appreciated the ability to adapt the tool to our environments as well as the professionalism of our interlocutors at Lemon Learning, who have always been very available to answer to our requests. "