Why choose Lemon Learning Training for ServiceNow?

If Lemon Learning has the highest rate of effective consultation for e-learning processes, it is because the learning guide is directly included in the ServiceNow interface. No need for an external platform, your employees will learn to use this tool in real time and in a fun way, which can revolutionize the entire company functioning of your company.

Thanks to push messages, Lemon Learning accompanies change management on a daily basis, updating its tool with the latest features and notifying employees of these new features. By highlighting a certain feature at a T instant, we push all employees to engage and accelerate the adoption of the digital tool.


What is ServiceNow?

Covering areas as diverse as IT support, security, customer service, human resource management and business applications, ServiceNow is a complete solution that motivates your employees while giving you full visibility on the progress of projects and business situations in real time. With the cloud, it can replace unstructured work methods with intelligent workflows that dramatically change employee habits, and improve the way your customers search.


Tools integrated with ServiceNow

  • IT Service Management: Modernizes the management of IT systems and concentrates all applications related to IT services onto one platform, with clear dashboards to identify the actions to be performed, the people involved and an easy-to-use portal for end customers. 
  • IT Operation Management: A comprehensive dashboard of the IT situation of all business services in real time, which can identify problems before they even impact end customers. This is thanks to the authorisation of resolutions that aims to completely eliminate service interruptions.
  • IT Business Management: A table analyzing the true cost of each service, providing real visibility on the company’s finances, by setting up and prioritising objectives in order to rationalize budgets and manage projects in a way that is quick and thought through. 
  • Application development: A web and mobile application development platform that allows you to design business applications as quickly and easily as you can to improve the productivity of your business by solving internal problems.
  • Consumer service: A service that aims to increase customer satisfaction by avoiding the use of phone calls and automating the most common requests, in order to optimize response times and thus solve problems. By connecting all services and using the Internet, this solution is faster as ServiceNow is able to detect and solve certain problems without the need for human intervention. 
  • Security: By bringing together security and IT services, it allows you to detect, prioritize and solve technical threats according to the severity of their impact on the running of the company and thus helps to contain a possible breach of security and an implementation danger of internal data and customers.
  • Human Resources: Offer your employees services that are as performing as those of your customers, with a platform specifically dedicated to them. By providing them with all the answers to their questions and involving them in the human resource ecosystem thanks to a wide automation of employee relations, you will not only improve productivity but also the brand image of your company. Your employees, perfectly integrated since their first day, can evolve quickly with services that are predestined for them, with ever more constructive personalization.
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Concrete case

For a customer in the insurance sector, Lemon Learning has set up a dedicated training for ServiceNow, adapted to the uses of the various services present in the company: financial services, IT, commerce, decision-makers, etc. The stated objectives were better internal information management and optimized resolution of customer requests. A change management approach was put in place and pushed to the employees with workshops, a communication campaign using newsletters, ad a follow-up on the effectiveness of the training.


Security: How to Manage the ServiceNow Security Tool

  • Introducing the Security Tool and How to Use it
  • Master the integration of existing processes in terms of security
  • Learn how to divide tasks and control access to data
  • Prioritize the different levels of threats and manage them according to their danger

Customer testimonial

Lucas C. Operational Manager

Thanks to the interactive guides developed by Lemon Learning and integrated directly into ServiceNow, we were able to easily digitize our internal processes and gain productivity without wasting time learning the solution.