Why choose Lemon Learning Training?


Today, problems with software adoption are becoming an increasingly important issue for companies since the documentation provided or other video training is insufficient. On SugarCRM, users sometimes find it difficult to find the features they need, hence wasting time. The utilisation of the tool is not followed up and integration can be tedious. With this observation, Lemon Learning has developed a solution to facilitate the usuage of this tool.

Using a library directly integrated on the platform, you have access to a series of interactive guides to help you get started with SugarCRM. The goal is to present the main features of the tool to the user as well as tips and advice to work effectively.

What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management software created in 2004 by the American company SugarCRM. The product comes in five different editions (Sugar Community Edition, Sugar Professional, Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate). Key features include sales force automation, marketing campaigns, customer service, collaborative tools, and research and statistical tools.

Tools built into SugarCRM

  • Sales: Maximize productivity and prioritize sales with personalized dashboards and personal productivity tools.
  • Costumer Service: Value your customers and save time with simple and effective self-service tools.
  • Marketing: Attract more customers and generate more opportunities with less effort.
  • Mobile CRM: Access your customer information anywhere with the SugarCRM mobile platform.
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Our project approach to adopt SugarCRM

Contenido G Suite de Lemon Learning

We have on-shelf content accessible from our library of guides.

Laptop Bureau

Using our authoring tool, produce your own guides with customised content.

Expertise Lemon Learning

SugarCRM Expertise: Our project managers advise and support you throughout the change management process.


Rapid deployment: We implement rapid deployments in several languages for a large number of users.

Concrete case

Lemon Learning has provided extensive training on SugarCRM to help many users accelerate the use of this tool for a client specialising in the building industry. In a few weeks, a change management approach has been put in place to improve the digital transition of the company as well as the adoption of this sometimes complex CRM.

Sample SugarCRM Course: Discover Sales

  • Learn how to optimize your relationship with each customer
  • Increase your success rate by prioritizing good opportunities
  • Reduce the time between your leads and your business opportunities

Customer testimonial

Eric B. - DSI DSI

"Lemon Learning has brought many educational solutions to my sales teams. In a few weeks, my staff has more or less taken over the CRM which has allowed them to improve their productivity"