Workday in a few clicks

 With the many changes experienced by SaaS software, taking control over time can be complex for employees. To solve this problem, Lemon Learning has developed an e-learning solution to ensure effective and real-time training on the WorkDay platform.

In a few clicks, train yourself with this tool using our interactive guides integrated directly into the software. Learn how to harness the power of this powerful cloud solution and stay up-to-date on the latest news with contextual push bubbles.

What is Workday?

Workday is a financial and HR management tool based on the cloud. It helps identify business developmental opportunities by conducting real-time data analysis.

 Created in 2005, this pure-player has recently entered the French market. It competes with SAP and Oracle with its complete software adapted to French specificities.

Tools built into Workday

Lemon Learning has many guides to teach you how to master the components of Workday:

  • Accounting and Finance: This application tracks and manages your company’s bank accounts, tracks the asset lifecycle, produces real-time financial reports and more.
  • Revenue Management: You benefit from a global view of your customers and your contracts to minimize the time spent on reconciliations. This process allows you to add value to your company.
  • Human Resources Management: Automatically generates job postings and hires contracts, manages trial periods and collective agreements and gives your teams the ability to define their own management processes.
  • Payroll Management: This software allows you to manage payroll locally with any vendor from anywhere in the world and better manage your global workforce.
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Contenido G Suite de Lemon Learning

On-the-shelf content directly integrated into the user interface for a quick and efficient start.

Laptop Bureau

Customized content: Our author tool gives you the opportunity to design guides adapted to your needs.

Expertise Lemon Learning

Workday Expertise: Benefit from the expertise of our project managers throughout the training process.


Rapid deployment: We guarantee a rapid deployment of our solutions to respect your project deadlines.

Case Study: Driving Change on Workday

For a customer working in the insurance industry, Lemon Learning has put in place a solution adapted to Workday’s users. The training is deployed in a few weeks with the aim of improving team productivity and the quality of the data entered.

Sample Workday: HR Human Capital Management

  • Streamline the HR process
  • Improve strategic planning with real-time analytics
  • Empower employees to enable them to steer their career paths

Customer testimonial

François R. - Account Manager Chargé de clientèle

"The Lemon Learning guides were very effective in training our employees at Workday. They were able to understand the software in a few clicks and hence optimize their working hours"