Lemon Learning vs SAP Enable Now: A quick comparison

Lemon Learning vs SAP Enable Now

Are you searching for a digital adoption solution? Do you work with a range of SAP solutions that require effective training and support? In this article, we provide a quick overview of Lemon Learning and SAP Enable Now, two similar but different leading solutions you should consider in your search. Our quick comparison includes key features, pricing, strengths, and weaknesses. Use our overview to guide your decision and select a solution that best suits the needs of your organization.

#1 Lemon Learning – Employee onboarding, training, and support software

Best known for: Digital adoption, micro learning, user onboarding, dedicated support

Best for:  SMBs, global enterprises, non-profit organizations


If you’re seeking a specialized tool for change management and digital transformation projects on any web-based solutions that can effectively onboard, train, and support your employees, Lemon Learning stands out as an excellent alternative to SAP Enable Now.

Lemon Learning is a leading European digital adoption platform designed to be simple, affordable and reduce enterprise software training and support costs. Lemon Learning employs a ‘learning by doing’ approach, promoting active learning while working. Organizations can create micro-learning content using a code-free editor, with unlimited local support from the Lemon team, or a combination of both, as needed.

Easy integration: The all-in-one platform is easy to integrate (via JavaScript code or browser extension) and features a no-code editor for content creation that requires no technical skills or extended support from IT departments. 

Unlimited local support: Lemon Learning provides accessible, efficient and unlimited local support. Whether it’s implementation, content creation, training or maintenance, companies benefit from weekly, monthly, and then quarterly follow-up workshops for optimal support.

Easy to use: Lemon Learning is simple to use with easy-to-use UX. Lemon Learning users can expect immediate adoption and autonomy over their tools.

CIOs, business leaders, product teams, change managers, and others can access detailed user analytics for data-driven decision-making and improvements in training workflows and product experience.

Your ROI with Lemon Learning


Lemon Learning is compatible with all SaaS applications, including in-house solutions, and third party applications such as Oracle. Lemon Learning was not built for desktop applications/internal facing applications and is not available on mobile. 

Features & functionalities ⚙️

  • In-app, interactive walkthroughs
  • No-code editor for in-house content creation 
  • Upload and repurpose existing LMS content 
  • Content creation support from a dedicated project manager, pedagogical engineer, and technical manager
  • Unlimited local support (included in license), including project governance, training workshops, or on-site support 
  • Advanced user analytics
  • Adaptive and personalized learning
  • Learning by doing and micro-learning methodology
  • Ready to use guides for leading market solutions
  • Automate or manually translate content into 35+ languages

Lemon Learning reviews ⭐

  • G2 rating:  4.8
  • Capterra rating:  4.6
  • GetApp rating:  4.6
👍 Lemon Learning Pros👎 Lemon Learning Cons
“Perfect to support users”
Ease of handling, whether for administrators or end users. The “Wow” effect is assured and users are delighted to be accompanied step by step.
“Better communication between teams”
We were missing a feature to edit the guide exactly as we wanted. But the teams were very responsive and created it for us in 24 hours, thank you.

Pricing 🪙

Lemon Learning is one of the most affordable options on the market. Lemon Learning has 2 pricing options as well as a free trial of the product. Get in touch for information or request a demo.

  • Free trial
  • Per tool license
  • Corporate license

Lemon Learning vs SAP Enable Now ✅

Lemon LearningSAP Enable Now
Digital adoption platform ideal for boosting user onboarding, training, and self-service supportDigital adoption solution that was exclusively designed to create and deliver training resources on SAP products 
Employee onboarding and training on all web-based in-house and third-party applications User training, primarily across SAP products and a limited number of non-SAP applications
Immediate adoption with easy-to-use UX Short learning curve and easy to use UX
Unique hybrid support, unlimited local support included in the license feeSupport resources are limited to self-help documentation, including SAP help portal, SAP Enable Now chatbot and SAP Enterprise Support Academy
True code-free set-up requiring little to no technical knowledge SAP Enable Now is designed to offer code-free integration
No-code editor for in-house content creation No-code editor for in-house content creation
Available on desktopAvailable on desktop and mobile in certain cases

#2 SAP Enable Now – User training across all SAP software and applications

Best known for: Training and support for SAP applications and software

Best for: Large enterprises investing in SAP solutions 

SAP Enable Now empowers organizations to produce, manage, and distribute digital adoption and training materials to their SAP workforce, clients, and customers. It is first and foremost interesting for enterprises with a strong emphasis on internal SAP training, seeking a user-friendly approach without the need for technical expertise. SAP Enable Now is also available on a limited number of non-SAP products.

Context-sensitive help: SAP Enable Now offers on-demand guidance and process support, in addition to context-sensitive guidance directly inside applications.

Limited range of Integrations: SAP Enable Now primarily integrates with other SAP solutions. It now also integrates with a limited number of external non-SAP solutions, such as Office 365, SharePoint and LMS.

Advanced reporting and analytics: SAP Enable Now also offers authoring and management tools to create and deliver digital adoption and training content. SAP Enable Now has advanced reporting and analytics capabilities to track and measure programs.

SAP Enable Now targets companies that want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their end-users. SAP Enable Now is better suited to larger organizations in search of a scalable solution that provides comprehensive training on SAP products.

Features & functionalities ⚙️

  • Context-sensitive on-demand guidance and process support that provides users with step-by-step instructions and interactive guidance directly within the application.
  • Authoring and management tools that enable businesses to create, manage, and deliver digital adoption and training content for their employees, customers, and partners.
  • Reporting and analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of digital adoption and training programs.
  • A library of predefined best practices, process templates and content that can be used to quickly create and deliver digital adoption and training programs.
  • Enables the creation of interactive simulations, videos, and quizzes.
  • Can be used to onboard and train external partners and customers.
  • Integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions such as Success Factors, and can also be integrated with external systems such as SharePoint and LMS.

SAP Enable Now reviews

  • G2 rating:  4.5
  • Capterra rating:  N/A
  • GetApp rating:  N/A
👍 SAP Enable Now Pros👎 SAP Enable Now Cons
“Great for e-learning content”
Creating and managing e-learning content is simple and very intuitive. One of the best features is the reuse of content in several training scenarios.
“The price of the licenses…It’s quite high”
The only downside is the price of the licenses. It’s quite high. We haven’t been able to license all of our people.

Pricing 🪙

SAP Enable Now charges €9.17 per user/month. SAP Enable Now is considered to be above average in pricing. Contact SAP Enable Now to receive a quote.

  • Pay per user/ per month

In summary, Lemon Learning is suitable for a broader range of organizations, and tools, offering affordable pricing, no-code content creation, and unlimited local support. It focuses on digital adoption and micro-learning. On the other hand, SAP Enable Now is tailored for large enterprises primarily focused on SAP solutions, with an emphasis on creating and delivering training resources. It provides context-sensitive guidance and advanced reporting but comes at a higher cost. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs and size of your organization.

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