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Interview with Digital Transformation expert: Valentina Samayoa

We interviewed a group of experts and emerging specialists across a variety of fields including digital transformation, change management, IT and...

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Discover innovative strategies for Level 2 support. Solve advanced problems and deliver unparalleled user experience.

Level 1 Support: Improve user satisfaction

Boost user satisfaction with Level 1 IT support. Learn how to tailor IT assistance to user needs and elevate first-line support.

IT Support levels: L1, L2, L3 explained

Discover the roles, challenges, and key performance metrics of IT technicians across Levels 1, 2, and 3 in IT support.

The role of user support in DAPs

Explore the significance of user support within DAPs and delve into strategies to enhance the user experience.

CRM transition: 5 steps to switching CRM

Switching CRMs? Learn the 5 crucial steps for a smooth transition, from planning and selection to training and monitoring.

Whatfix Alternatives: 4 competitors to consider by use case

Explore 4 Whatfix alternatives by use case. We created an in depth comparison of Lemon Learning; Pendo; Gainsight and SAP Enable Now.

Annual team building retreat 2023: Deauville

Discover our annual team-building retreat in Deauville. Join us as we reflect on our trip, set new objectives, and foster teamwork.

A guide to executing a successful HRIS Project

Discover our quick guide to executing a successful HRIS Project, including strategies, essential stages of a project, choosing the right software and more.

HRIS consultant: A key role in the digital transformation of companies

Explore the role of HRIS consultants in driving digital transformation and their profound impact on the evolution of companies.

HRIS specifications: Essential elements for a successful project

Achieve HRIS project success with detailed specifications! Explore the essential elements for a seamless implementation.

What is Change management?

What is Change management?

To stay competitive and drive innovation, companies are embracing new practices, management techniques, and tools. Achieving effective management...

Change management: what you need to know

Managing change can be challenging. Adapting and adjusting to the market requires a dedicated approach and the integration of innovative management methods, tools, and practices. However, effectively managing change within your organization can be difficult for both...

5 tools to support your change management

Change management can benefit multiple business scenarios, including: digitalization of internal processes implementation of new tools creation of new professions change in management relocation There are bountiful resources available to help organizations drive...

7 Best Change management models for 2023

Navigating change isn’t always easy, especially in a corporate setting. Though it's an inevitable part of growth, organizational change is an ongoing challenge that requires effective strategies for successful implementation. The reality is that once organizations...

A guide to successful Change Management in 10 steps

In this white paper, you'll find a practical 3 part guide to avoid the pitfalls of organizational change management. Discover “How To's” and “Tips” on driving a successful change management project from diagnosis through to measurement. You will receive:Methodology to...

How to overcome employee resistance to change

Change isn't always associated with new possibilities, especially in the workplace. In fact, change in the workplace is often linked to employee stress, distrust, and at worst, project failure.  A change project can resemble many things, from new workplace...

New software and change management: where to start?

ERP, HRIS, CRM or even purchasing tools: there are countless new software tools that have become essential for companies. Although implementing these new tools is a big challenge, there’s another one just as important: software adoption. So how to help employees...

The 10 commandments for successful change management

For the most part, your employees are creatures of habit, navigating the same routes every day. They practice time management, take the fastest route to work, follow cues to cross the street, and read signs for instruction. Their navigation of digital tools is very...

Create a successful change management program (3 of 3) – From Theory to Practice: Equip and Drive Your Change Management

Designing training and communication plans is just one step when undertaking change. The sustainability of new tools and practices lies in the follow-up of actions carried out. Which tools to choose? What KPIs should be measured? Discover in this last article of our...

Create a successful change management program (2 of 3) – Guide, communicate, train

According to McKinsey, 70% of change management projects fail, essentially due to employee resistance. As we saw in the previous article in this series, change is first and foremost human and cultural, before it is organizational. How, then, to engage employees as...

Create an effective change management system (1 of 3) – Better understand to better respond: Diagnosing change

66% of change management projects go over budget, are late, or don’t implement all planned functionalities Source: AtosOrigin Faced with this striking figure, one thing is clear: it is absolutely necessary to create an effective plan before the start of any change...

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CRM software in 2023: 20 top picks

CRM software in 2023: 20 top picks

In 2023, choosing the right CRM software is imperative for SMEs and large enterprises looking to maximize their business efficiency and customer...