Deploy your E-Purchasing software with end-users in mind

ūüćč End-user participation is critical to adoption during the deployment phase of an E-Purchasing solution

The basics of E-Purchasing software implementation

End-users must be present throughout the implementation phase of the software in order to make sure the tool really addresses their specific challenges.

What are the benefits of focusing on end-user?

Contributions from end-users help make the solution more agile and effective in the long run. Getting users involved also secures their support of the transformation project.

In practice: what makes a user-centric E-Purchasing solution?

The questions to ask yourself

How can you configure your solution with end-users in mind?
Refer to the business issues you identified and configure the E-Purchasing solution by tailoring it to the different user populations.

How to integrate end-users in the deployment phase?
Gather a panel of users to test the solution and collect their feedback through user testing. Adjust the E-Purchasing solution accordingly.

How to maintain user focus after deployment?
Measure user satisfaction (NPS, questionnaires, surveys, etc.) and organize regular user feedback to continually improve the user experience.

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