E-Procurement software: everything you need for successful user onboarding

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Did you know? Implementing an easy-to-use e-procurement solution can save a company up to 30% on its annual expenses?

(source: Claritum)

But there’s a catch. Achieving this level of efficiency depends on how well your users master the tool.

For buyers and suppliers, getting to grips with purchasing tools quickly can be a major challenge. And for good reason, unlike other software, e-purchasing solutions aren’t utilized day-to-day. The challenge for companies is to train users in record time, enabling them to get the most out of these e-purchasing solutions.

To do this, user onboarding is a must. From improving the user experience to adopting e-purchasing solutions, discover how step-by-step user onboarding can optimize the performance of your Purchasing.

1. e-Purchasing solutions: first impressions are essential

E-sourcing, e-procurement, and e-purchasing solutions all make it possible to promote purchasing agility by standardizing and automating procurement processes, as well as pooling and securing company data. But being equipped with these tools means purchasing departments are also facing major digital adoption challenges.

To meet these challenges, user onboarding is fundamental. But why? Onboarding training directly affects user experience and the way buyers and suppliers use their tools. So, how do you implement them sustainably? 

🍋 Welcome your new users to Oracle Procurement Cloud

Want to take care of your user onboarding in the Oracle e-Purchasing solution? Start with a welcome message! In unknown territory, a warm welcome goes a long way; the same applies to your digital users. With Lemon Learning, push notifications communicate with your buyers and suppliers as soon as they enter the solution. Whether it’s to welcome them or walk them through Oracle, all it takes is a few clicks to create a personalized push notification. The result? Reduced churn and increased adoption of the Oracle solution! 


2. Your actors and your suppliers want to be trained in real-time

What would good user onboarding be without training in e-purchasing solutions? The complex nature of e-purchasing solutions, combined with varying levels of digital competence, makes it important to train your actors and suppliers from their very first use. Guided teaching from the outset can improve process execution, reducing common resistance to digital technology and misuse. Overall, direct in application training not only fulfills operational duties but becomes strategic for the company. But where to begin?

🍋 Train your teams in Synertrade software in real-time

Do you want to train your users on an e-purchasing solution like Synertrade? Why not do it directly from the e-purchasing solution! Thanks to Lemon Learning onboarding interactive guides, your users can learn how to use Synertrade in real-time! Whether to create a new supplier contact, set up an action plan, or create a call for tender, there will be no need to book a training slot for your buyers. Now they can learn to use Synertrade in action! But that’s not all. Thanks to the scalable nature of the Lemon Learning solution, it only takes a few clicks to create and update your interactive guides. The result? Simple and accessible onboarding in the Synertrade solution, updated whenever you need to.

3. Your e-Purchasing solution is evolving… so should your user onboarding! 

New updates or new features, e-Procurement solutions are constantly evolving as technology advances. Because user onboarding is a never-ending process, you can always adapt it to the evolution of your digital tools! To do this, you can expand your training courses using direct data from your purchasing tools. The objective is to improve the quality of your user onboarding for more agile and efficient purchasing! 

🍋 Optimize your user onboarding for Ivalua e-Purchasing tool

Do you want to accelerate the adoption of your Ivalua e-purchasing solution? With the analytical functionality of Lemon Learning, it couldn’t be easier. From Ivalua, you gain access to data including user journeys, rates of consultation of interactive guides, or the formats (video, PDF, images, etc.) most appreciated by your users. It gives you all the data you need to optimize your user onboarding.

If you made it this far, you know user onboarding improvements have a much more strategic purpose in the digitalization of purchases. From improving the user experience to optimizing the management of your Purchases, user onboarding allows you to take advantage of the e-procurement solutions you’ve implemented. Whether it’s an e-sourcing or e-procurement solution, or an internal tool, no software should be without onboarding training. So ask yourself, what’s your first step to improve e-purchasing onboarding?

Want to know more? Discover how our clients use Lemon Learning integrated Application Support for user onboarding. Or feel free to get in touch!