The Tooltips feature is a pop-up used to deploy messages or guides anywhere inside a platform’s interface. It provides specific and timely information to users according to task, page, or user profile (e.g., survey, message, new feature, new guide, announcement). A Tooltip provides contextual information to users as they navigate through a software. A Tooltip can support users in a variety of ways with one objective: to guide the user through a tool. 

What does a Tooltip look like? 

The Tooltip icon is represented by an ‘i’ inside a speech bubble, making it easily recognizable for users. Tooltips are displayed based on the task, page, or user and can be activated with a simple click.


Tooltips offer precise and straightforward information to assist users.

What are the different types of Tooltips? 

A Tooltip serves the purpose of providing information about a particular section of a software. It can achieve various objectives, such as:

  • Informing the user by offering supplementary details upon text input.
  • Validating data entry by indicating mandatory fields and the anticipated information.
  • Enabling access to an interactive guide by activating a guide function.

How is a Tooltip created?

In the Lemon Learning editor, Tooltips can be easily created or modified by editors without requiring any coding knowledge. These Tooltips can be placed on any target within an interface. The editor has the ability to select and customize the Tooltip’s position, text, and triggers to suit their needs.

What are the benefits of a Tooltip?

A Tooltip is a powerful tool that allows you to deliver precise messages or guides at any location within a software interface. Its primary objective is to enhance engagement and provide guidance for better navigation and overall digital adoption.

The benefits of using Tooltips are as follows:

  • Customized deployment based on specific tasks, pages, or user profiles.
  • Flexible pop-up deployment that can be placed anywhere within the software interface.
  • Personalized user guidance that caters to individual needs.

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