A tool to effectively manage your change management

Is it time to implement new tools and business processes within your organization? Our interactive guides integrate seamlessly with everyday software applications to empower teams and maximize the potential of software. The result? Better tools, more engaged and productive users, and a significant reduction in support costs.

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More than a training system, a monitoring, and change management tool too!

70% of change management projects fail, essentially due to employee resistance (source: McKinsey). At Lemon Learning, we’ve developed an innovative solution to support the deployment of your new digital tools (CRM, ERP, HRIS, purchasing, intranet, collaborative platform, etc…).  

Our solution empowers companies to train, interact and support their users when and where they need it. All from a single platform!

Our 3-in-1 solution enables you to train your employees in new business processes and application functionalities, interact continually by communicating the right message at the right time, and offer the right support, without ever needing to leave their tools.

Why choose Lemon Learning?

  • A better digital experience at the heart of your organization
  • A significant reduction in training time 
  • Accelerated improvement of employee skills
  • Unified tool for training, assistance, and communication
  • Less resistance to change thanks to personalized support
  • Streamlined user experience & reduced software-related frustration


of change management projects fail, mainly due to employee resistance to change (source: McKinsey).

Ongoing interaction with your users

Send the right message, at the right time to engage your users in their tools. Highlight new features, send out questionnaires and surveys, announce company news, and much more. Lemon Learning enables you to interact continuously with your teams directly within their daily tools.

Simplified software migration

Simply choosing the right tools isn’t enough. Your teams need to use them! Lemon Learning supports your new software deployment process by guiding users step-by-step through each function and feature, all without leaving the tool. No more 200-page PDFs to read or update!

Lasting change thanks to tailored support

Successful change is change that lasts. Lemon Learning’s Digital Adoption Platform offers customizable support, available on-demand, to continually engage users where they work, without disruption.

Compatible with all web-based software

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