Simplify the use of Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a Cloud solution enabling users to work and collaborate remotely and in teams. The suite includes email, calendars, shared documents, instant messaging, and an enterprise social network, as well as an ERP and CRM (Microsoft Dynamics). The platform is regularly updated with new functionalities through version updates, creating a challenge for sustainable training content.

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Some of our clients using Microsoft Office 365 

Boost your digital adoption with Lemon Learning


lower support costs on average for our customers


less face-to-face training, an accelerated post-COVID trend


time saved in creating and updating content

Train your team on Office 365

With Lemon Learning, your users don’t need to leave the tool in order to find training materials. Our interactive guides are integrated directly inside Office 365, driving consultation rates 7-10% higher than for outside e-learning content! The result? Simpler, faster, and more efficient onboarding of Office 365.

Simplify mastery of Office 365

Lemon Learning isn’t just a performance management tool (ePSS). It’s also applied GPS navigation for your software solutions, guiding users through the different functionalities of Office 365. Discover how to share a file on OneDrive, start a discussion group in Yammer, create sites and documents in SharePoint, or work collaboratively through Teams. Customize content through the editor and communicate directly with users thanks to Push Notifications.

Ongoing Office 365

Your Lemon Learning player will master Office 365 – and all your web tools – thanks to real-time, on-demand support. Localized, context-based content is available at all times to assist users with the specific task at hand directly in their platforms, reducing support costs and empowering users with immediate answers.


Encourage teamwork by sharing content, resources, and news.


Access all your Office 365 files and collaborate with colleagues inside or outside your organization.


Centralize your email, calendar, and contacts in one platform.


Discover a shared workspace designed to facilitate discussions and meetings.


Organize your notes and share your work with others.

To go further…

Take advantage of nearly 80 Ready-made guides to provide access to complete training and ready-to-use materials for the entire Office 365 tool suite.

Keyboard shortcuts in Outlook

Create a post in Yammer

Create a group in OneDrive

Create a channel in Teams

Create a Site and pages in SharePoint

And a lot more!

GPS navigation system for all your digital tools


Your team members with interactive guides and push notifications, available at the point of need.


Engaging content in just a few clicks for personalized user experience.


And measure your content through an easy-to-use dashboard and analytics.