Simplify the use of SharePoint

SharePoint is a collection of software tools developed by Microsoft which enable users to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications through a dedicated intranet. SharePoint facilitates collaboration with people inside or outside your organization.

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Boost your digital adoption with Lemon Learning


lower support costs on average for our customers


less face-to-face training, an accelerated post-COVID trend


time saved in creating and updating content

Simplify your user experience

Thanks to Lemon Learning, users have access to interactive content in just a few clicks, facilitating their understanding of SharePoint’s many features.

Guides users step-by-step

Lemon Learning guides users as and when they need it to better understand SharePoint’s content management, online documents, and intranet functionalities. The main benefit of Lemon Learning? Your users learn by doing.

Support at all hours

Users gain confidence and understanding of SharePoint almost immediately, thanks to Lemon Learning’s guides available directly in the platform. Take the interactive content even further, communicating directly with your users through push notifications and automatic tooltips.

Search and discovery

Find the content you need and benefit from search suggestions to simplify your work.

Store and share files

Access your documents securely no matter where you are.

Intranet and team site

Stay connected with your teams and work collaboratively, sharing content and sending messages.

Automated Processes

Simplify and improve processes to boost efficiency and productivity through enriched forms, personalized applications, databases, and more.

An all-in-one digital adoption platform for all your tools


Your users’ experience thanks to interactive, on-demand walkthroughs.


Tailored and evolving content through a simple editing platform


And manage your content for an ever more personalized, relevant support

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