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Lemon Learning :
We make software easy

Lemon Learning detects every action and guides the way to master each functionality. Our Interactive Guides are built directly inside softwares and tools used on a daily basis. Take control of your applications easily through hands-on training with a simple click.

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Expedite Content Creation

Our editor allows designers to create and update contents 3 times faster than a video capture and without technical skills. You only have to click on the areas where you want to insert bubbles and to enter the content you want.

You can enrich guidebooks step-by-step with videos, documents and quizzes. Your step-by-step guides can match your internal processes and are easier to maintain.

New: you can create tooltips and position them along the input fields in your tools.

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A content management suitable for big companies

Customize your contents by categories (functions, rights, entity, applications, languages…) and manage them with detailed statistical reports. You have the control over everything, and you can collaborate between platforms.

lemon learning guides interactifs

Communicate the right information. At the right moment.

Communicate directly with users in their applications. Offer contextualized contents depending on their position in the application.

Whether it is internal developed application, or any SaaS application.

Our autotarget technology (R) allows you to create guides within all applications and keep your contents up-to-date.

Give your employees a new way to train
Give your employees a new way to train

Lemon Learning has a consultation rate 10 times higher than other contents or internal guides. Our secret? Our customizable guides are easy yet very powerful just with a few clicks.

Application: proven by thousands of users
Application: proven by thousands of users

Training is not enough. Our product integrates features which leads to changes. Beyond our product, we developed a methodology focused on the application tools that we share with our customers and partners.

Reduce your content creation and support costs
Reduce your content creation and support costs

How to manage translations and maintenance? How to be always up-to-date? How to provide communication between different tasks involved (process, professions, trainings)? We offer our customers a simple way to manage the support and training.