Unleash the potential of your software

Increase digital adoption of your software with step-by-step guidance and Automate tasks to increase productivity

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A turnkey solution that adapts to your challenges


Save on support and training costs

On average 50% fewer support requests (level 1 and 2)

IT teams focus on more strategic and higher value added projects 

End users experience higher levels of satisfaction and productivity on their tools 

“After a few months of using Lemon Learning in the employee portal, I do not regret for a minute my choice of this solution, on the one hand because the feedback from our users is very positive, and on the other hand because our internal support teams are already receiving fewer questions on using the portal.”

Emmanuelle Gérand, HR & Change Management Project Manager

Accelerate user onboarding on new applications 

New users can access training content with complete autonomy directly within their tools

Users can become operational on all their business processes within just a few days

Improve learning retention thanks to the learning by doing methodology 

“The added benefits of Lemon Learning are the ease of use for administrators and the simplicity of tool discovery for users, thanks to step-by-step guidance.”

Olivier Lepoivre, Digital Workplace Manager, Randstad 


Deploy new business applications and change management practices

Users receive guidance and support as soon as they enter their tools

All business processes are standardized from the very beginning

Communicate new processes directly within your tools

“Before Lemon Learning was deployed, we often heard users talk about our time management tool, saying that it was difficult to use. Today, we no longer hear that because the beauty of Lemon Learning is that it turns complicated or rarely used tasks into simple ones.”

Philippe Gozzi, HR Director, DPD, France

A central tool to manage your software suite

Compatible with all your web-based tools

One solution to boost all your applications

Digital Adoption

Improve user adoption and reduce support costs 

Interactive guides

Content Creator

Push Notifications

Smart Launcher



Automate all your recurring tasks to increase productivity

API Connection



No-code Editor

Easy Builder

Discover our all-in-one solution in just 3 minutes

Trusted by 120+ companies


Olivier Pontécaille

Project Manager,
Groupe FED

“I like the powerful integration into apps, especially Salesforce. It helps our new customers understand our processes, and it’s effortless to use.”


Tiphaine Chevé

CMO, RadioKing

“It helps us a lot to standardize our processes. It gives us more confidence in the management of our CRM, and this can be felt in the project management. The tool itself is quite simple to use. The support team has helped us with any difficulties and today everything is running smoothly.”


Julien Crépieux

CEO, Unipile

“Quick integration of the solution Lemon learning thanks to the responsiveness of the teams and a 24/7 available support, and administrators find it easy to use.”


Rémi Lantieri-Jullien

Marketing & Growth, Upela

“The product is straightforward to use. Our users have been helped a lot by the Lemon Learning product, resulting in increased adoption.”

Our standards make us unique


Our team of experts has the bandwidth to support several of your projects at the same time.


With our no-code solution, you can create and update guides easily and independently.


Create and build guides independently or in collaboration with our educational engineers.

Multilingual Support

Our team members speak several languages ​​including French, English, Spanish, and German.


Rest assured that the same project manager will oversee your project from start to finish.


The Lemon Learning extension is one of the most reliable on the market.


We make it a point of honor to deliver an effective, intuitive and easy-to-use product.

No hidden fees

Our rates are final, you will not incur any additional costs once a project has been launched.

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