5 tools to support your change management

Change management can benefit multiple business scenarios, including:

  • digitalization of internal processes
  • implementation of new tools
  • creation of new professions
  • change in management
  • relocation

There are bountiful resources available to help organizations drive change, that also make it difficult to select the right solution best suited to the needs of a company and its employees. In this article, Lemon Learning lists five change management tools to consider in supporting your digital transformation journey.

1. Lemon Learning: digital transformation within everyone’s reach

Enabling companies to drive transformation sustainably: this is the primary objective of change management software. From planning to implementation, to monitoring, this software supports the change process at every stage, making it possible to consider and adapt to the needs of employees. 

🍋 Lemon Learning: digital transformation within everyone’s reach

outil conduite du changement

Leader in the French market for digital adoption platforms, Lemon Learning is a change management software specialized in digital transformation. Whether you use in house applications or leading market solutions, this solution integrates directly into your software to guide users step by step. Thanks to its short (3 minutes maximum) and practical learning modules, your employees learn to take charge of their tools in no time. What differentiates Lemon Learning from other change management software, you ask? Its simplicity and user focus!

The solution allows you to create tailor-made training courses and adapt your content to the needs of your employees (by role, department, language) in just a few clicks. What’s more, the statistical functionality allows you to collect data on user behavior directly inside their tools. With real-time data you can follow, manage and adapt change management. Thanks to its user-centric approach, the solution places people at the heart of digital adoption, allowing you to anchor long term, sustainable change and digital transformation. 

2. Monday: 360° project management

While change management is obviously a project management task, it’s unnatural to think of project management software to help drive this process. Among other benefits, Monday makes it possible to orchestrate change management by coordinating the different stages of the project with different teams.

Known for its intuitiveness, Monday is a project management tool that allows you to work cross-functionally. From planning to follow-up, including organization, each step is accompanied. Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, employees can view the progress of projects. Whether it’s financial management, task tracking or reporting, Monday makes it possible to coordinate projects, but also teams, via a shared workspace. More than just a project management tool, it’s a real collaboration tool!

3. Asana: collaborative task management

Similar to project management tools, task management tools can also be useful for carrying out change management. And for good reason, they help promote a key element of change management: communication. By choosing the right task management tool, you allow your teams to better communicate and manage your project.

Ideal for team task management, Asana is a benchmark for task management tools. In the form of a timeline, table or calendar, the platform allows you to organize your work according to your objectives and your projects by dividing them into daily tasks. In addition to a global vision of projects, Asana offers features such as deadlines, reminders, and comments. Team management, resource sharing or task tracking, it is the perfect tool to promote communication within a team. The little extra? Thanks to its bandwidth feature, you can measure the workload of each employee and adapt it accordingly.

4. Peakon: personalized employee engagement measurement

Tools for measuring employee engagement allow companies to approach change management from another angle: employees. Through processes such as surveys, polls or feedback, companies collect valuable data to adapt to the needs of employees throughout the process. Are you wondering how a commitment measurement tool can help you in your change management? The reason is simple: the key to driving change is your employees. And to overcome possible resistance from the latter, communication is essential.

This employee engagement software allows you to collect information through employee surveys. Thanks to the real-time dashboard and analysis, you can adapt your change management process with ease according to the needs of your employees. And the beauty of Peakon is customization. From branding and reporting to surveys and career development planning, the software allows you to customize your content to best meet the needs of your employees. 

5. Freshservice: automated incident management

Thanks to their different functionalities, incident management tools allow you to manage IT incidents on your different tools. Freshservice helps you reduce incident resolution time through automation. From the platform, you can view, prioritize and assign tickets to your teams from your different channels. The dashboard, meanwhile, allows you to follow the progress of tickets. Satisfaction surveys, knowledge base, or SLA management are all features that Freshservice offers to support change.

There are numerous change leaders in the market. Choose the tools adapted to your organization and your employees for the best fit. Need help selecting your tool? Get in touch and discuss the Lemon Learning change management solution with our team of experts.

Sarah C

Sarah oversees all things inbound marketing, exploring the many business uses and topics surrounding digital adoption. Her previous experiences include B2C and product marketing in the social listening space, uncovering emerging industry trends.