How are companies leveraging SaaS applications for success

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Companies with cloud applications improved their profitability 1.9 times more than companies with on-premises solutions.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, teleworking became the norm, required a quick adaptation of information systems. In search of innovative solutions to overcome the problem, many companies accelerated their migration to Cloud and SaaS software.

In this article our Sales manager, Sophie Causeret and Project manager Anthony Beun, explain how to:

  • Operate a migration to Cloud and SaaS software efficiently
  • Improve the performance of information systems
  • Accompany users on your apps (with customer cases in support!)
  • Use data to measure the adoption of your SaaS software

Cloud and SaaS applications: migration essentials

“Companies that leverage the full benefits of the Cloud stand out from the crowd, and those that haven’t often struggle to stay in the game.”

Sophie Causeret 

Stable activity during the health crisis was only possible thanks to the Cloud. This trend has continuously developed since 2020 alongside the growth of remote working.

According to Flexera, 61% of companies planned to focus on Cloud migration in 2021.

Why are Cloud applications an undeniable growth tool?

  • Your applications are accessible remotely and in real-time
  • You save time, especially during deployment, integration, or maintenance
  • A Cloud subscription system allows you to better manage costs
  • Cloud offers to adapt to the needs of your business

Businesses saw potential in SaaS software and the Cloud at a time when they needed to be more flexible. Today, SaaS, is an indispensable solution to meet the challenges of digital transformation in companies.

Cloud and SaaS applications: what are the challenges for companies?

“The gap between companies that use the Cloud and those that don’t is widening every day.”

Sophie Causeret

By turning to the Cloud, companies encounter several challenges during:

  • Deployment

Most companies have on average migrated 20-40% of their apps to the Cloud

Source: Accenture
  • Change management

70% of change management projects fail, mostly because of employee resistance

Source: McKinsey
  • Digital adoption and different uses

58% of workers say their employer uses advanced digital tools but doesn’t provide the training required to get started

Source: Randstad
  • Performance

91% of IT leaders say that the Cloud played an important part in accelerating digital transformation in 2020

Source: CIF
  • Organizational change in IT departments

CIOs are evolving from server maintenance managers to internal service providers.

Although the implementation of SaaS applications raises questions, the challenge of digital transformation is substantial. How to support the project so that it does not fail?

Support users on new SaaS applications

Without support, your project might not survive long term. Each user needs to be assisted and trained on various features in order to fulfill their role.

“What the crisis has taught us is that the most basic uses were not mastered by employees”

Sophie Causeret

Anthony Beun provides various ways Lemon Learning supports its customers to improve their use of SaaS applications:

  • by optimizing training
  • by considerably reducing support requests
  • by increasing employee engagement with continuous interaction
  • by customizing content
  • by guiding users in real time
  • by allowing access to training 24/7
  • by communicating regularly with users via Tooltips

This is notably how a client of Lemon Learning, in the field of temporary work, managed to assist 4,500 users on a daily basis with their operational tools.

SaaS application: 4 customer cases

For several years, Lemon Learning has been helping its clients with SaaS app uses and the acceleration of digital tool adoption. Here’s an example of just four customers who turned to Lemon Learning and how we have helped meet their challenges:

  • Accompanying the implementation of Customer First for a client in the automotive sector for 40,000 users worldwide
  • Helping a client in the healthcare sector harmonize new tools for 8,000 users worldwide, and set up an ongoing communication system
  • Helping 70,000 users from a company in the construction sector get started on the Ivalua tool
  • Support the deployment of numerous growing new tools for a network of nurseries with 800 users

Measure the impact of SaaS software

You’ve implemented SaaS software within your company, now it’s time to look back and measure the impact. How do you do it?

Anthony Beun provides us with 3 steps to measure the impact of implementing new SaaS software:

  • Define performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Analyze collected data
  • Continuously optimize applications

What about the results of tailor-made support? Successful digital transformation and a real impact on the deployed budget.

Take the following benefits our Lemon Learning customers identified:

  • 50% reduction in support costs
  • 75% less face-to-face training
  • Between 60% and 80% of time saved in creating and updating content
  • Compliance with trade processes and improvement of the quality of data entered

As you’ll have understood, Cloud applications are essential, but many issues continue to hinder their adoption. There are however solutions you can implement, including user support that help facilitate the sustainable use of applications. 

Check out our demo videos to see a DAP in action. 

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