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Are you selecting a new customer relationship management system? Implementing a CRM across your organization? Training new users? Or searching for ways to get the most out of your software? We’re here to help.

We’ve previously explored recurring CRM adoption challenges and ways to maximize Salesforce training for instant buy-in from your teams. Today, we’re exploring 5 concrete ways a digital adoption platform can help to improve CRM adoption.

Better customer relationships using a CRM begin with better CRM adoption from your users, and that’s where a digital adoption platform comes in.

1. Train end-users inside the CRM

Let’s start with effective training. Since a digital adoption platform integrates with your existing software like a second skin, it’s all your end-users need to train and work simultaneously. In-application training means fewer distractions, fewer digital frustrations, improved productivity, and ultimately more time for complex tasks.

Setting up automation workflows? Exporting a conversion report? Responding to customer service requests? How is the training delivered? Training in a DAP is delivered through a series of workflows. Each workflow contains interactive content guides, to increase employee engagement, in the form of micro objectives (30 seconds to 3 minutes). The process facilitates attention management over time management, allowing users to learn at their own pace. 

E-learning increases learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%. While face-to-face training retention rates are between 8% to 10% (Source: SH!FT)

What’s more is that users receive contextual content ensuring the right people (managers, employees) in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success are targeted with the right information, at the right time. 

Training in a digital adoption platform allows users to:

  • Instantly onboard and train with full autonomy
  • Learn while they work with the Learning by doing methodology
  • Practice attention management over time management with micro-learning objectives 

2. Communicate with end-users directly inside the CRM

Users can train with autonomy, without limiting communication. A digital adoption platform allows you to communicate with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams wherever they are, to continually promote change management.

Does the CRM have a new feature? A new update? A platform test? Or a global announcement? 

Communication in a digital adoption platform can look like:

  • Push notifications: scheduled pop-ups targeting specific users (including new ready-to-use Push notification templates)
  • Tooltips: messages or guides deployed anywhere inside the CRM, according to task, page, or user profile

Lemon Learning features that support communication in a CRM:

Icon Feature Characteristic CRM use case
Push notification Schedule notifications to users at exactly the right moment. Explain what “Today’s Tasks” box is for.
Tooltips Place the tooltip pop-up anywhere in the CRM interface. Deploy a survey to measure user satisfaction within Oracle.

3. Improve CRM data management 

Effective CRM centralizes customer data, lead management and forecasting and requires a consistent flow of information. With a digital adoption platform, you can instantly improve the quality of data input with the Data checker feature. Are entry errors skewing reports in your CRM? Reduce user mistakes and time wasted on error mitigation from the moment information enters the database.

Provide CRM walkthroughs using interactive guides for clear, step-by-step execution of tasks.

A DAP can improve CRM data management with features including: 

  • Library of interactive guides: create standardized processes for Salespeople, Marketing, and Customer Success teams to reduce errors
  • In-application support: accessible user support available 24/7
  • Data checker: instant error mitigation

Data checker feature:

4. Boost CRM user adoption

A digital adoption platform is an all-in-one training solution from onboarding, training, and communication to support. All these steps combined create the perfect environment to help boost CRM user adoption long after software implementation, no matter the level of digital competence.

With a DAP, you have all the necessary analytics to measure the success of your CRM applications and user adoption across departments:

  • Monitor several projects at once with Learning analytics
  • Adapt training workflows to user results 
  • Provide in-application support 24/7

5. Reduce training costs with a DAP

And finally, reduce training costs long term with software you can adapt to user performance over time, with no code required! There are several ways you can reduce costs and improve software application ROI with a DAP: 

  • Onboard and train users anywhere 
  • Implement consistent change management with in-application communication 
  • Reduce the time to value of your CRM software
  • Reduce data mitigation costs 
  • Reduce support costs 

Are you using Salesforce, Oracle or Dynamics 365, or any other cloud-based SaaS or web-based CRM solution? Check out our demo videos to see a DAP in action. Or get in touch for more information!

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