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Coupa is a cloud-based Business Spend Management suite of software applications, covering a range of business needs including: AP Automation, Compliance & Control, Digital Transformation, ERP Integrations, Operational Benchmarking, Supply Chain Resiliency, etc. The BSM applications include procure, invoice, expense, pay, supply chain design & planning, and many more to unify and simplify business spend activities.

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Boost your digital adoption with Lemon Learning


lower support costs on average for our customers


less face-to-face training, an accelerated post-COVID trend


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Empower your users

Support users with guided in-app walkthroughs on any Coupa solution or features in just a few clicks. Accelerate training with interactive content and our ‘learning by doing’ methodology designed to boost adoption.

Advance employee competency

Lemon Learning features simplify daily tasks with in-app learning. Thanks to customizable adaptive content, users are guided through features they need with unique pathways, step-by-step, significantly reducing low-level support needs.

Communicate directly with your users

Use customizable Pop-ups, Push Notifications, or Tooltips according to task, page, or user profile anywhere within the Coupa solution. Announce new cloud features or company news directly inside user tools.

Eprocurement software

The integrated suite of applications gives your company control and visibility over all its spending processes. Simplify purchase requisition and order processes with real-time tracking and increase user adoption with modern procurement UX.

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User adoption with real-time, in-app, learning paths on Coupa.


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