Accelerate user adoption on Ivalua

Ivalua is a sourcing and procurement software which streamlines internal processes. The Source-to-Pay suite enables organizations to work collaboratively on an array of functionalities including supplier management, contracts, procurement, and more.

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Boost your digital adoption with Lemon Learning


lower support costs on average for our customers


less face-to-face training, an accelerated post-COVID trend


time saved in creating and updating content

Simplify the use of Ivalua

Empower your users to master the features of Ivalua quickly and independently. As a performance improvement tool (ePSS), Lemon Learning reduces support needs thanks to interactive, on-demand guides.

Guide users to quickly master Ivalua

Helpful Tooltips integrated directly inside the platform help users master Ivalua quickly and independently. Easily accessible from the library of guides, interactive content enables users to access training in real-time without leaving the tool.

Engage and communicate with users company wide

Interact with your team members directly inside Ivalua. Highlight new features or announce news to keep everyone up to date with the latest information. Engage users directly thanks to Push Notifications and automated Tooltips.

Lemon Learning offers comprehensive support of Ivalua tools 

Supplier management

Centralize all information tied to suppliers and contractors for a complete view of all ongoing processes.


Manage your direct and indirect sourcing needs from one centralized platform and collaborate effectively with all stakeholders.


Improve your team’s efficiency by digitizing accounting services (online billing, digital data, expense report management, etc.).

Contract management

Gain control of your contract lifecycle with a tool to list, edit, and record all relevant information.

A digital adoption platform for all your tools


user experience thanks to interactive in-app guidance available on all your key tools.


tailored and evolving content through a simple editing platform.


and measure your training content with ease thanks to our easy-to-use back-office.

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