Improve employee onboarding
with Lemon Learning

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Whether they’ve just joined your organization or are being introduced to new software, don’t let your team members abandon their tools simply because they didn’t quite understand their features.

Lemon Learning makes employee onboarding simple, engaging, and effective on any web-based software. The key? Interactive guides integrated directly within user’s daily tools.

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Ongoing interaction with your teams

No matter which tool they’re using, interact continually with your users thanks to push notifications. Highlight new features, send out a questionnaire or survey, and announce important company news. Lemon Learning helps you engage continuously with your users within their digital tools, long after their onboarding is complete.

Users invested in your tools

Lemon Learning automates the onboarding of new users of your digital tools and guides them step by step through all the processes and functionalities they’ll need to use every day. Attention is concentrated on one feature at a time thanks to short, interactive content formats.

Immediate onboarding of new employees

Thanks to customized onboarding, your employees benefit from an optimized user experience of their software, whether they’re new arrivals in your team or long-term employees taking on new tools. Lemon Learning’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) supports them through their first steps in your organization for a better daily digital experience.

Simplify and optimize new employee integration

67% of your users wouldn’t abandon your software (churn) if they had adequate onboarding of their tools (source: Huffington Post).

Onboarding and training new team members can quickly become expensive and time-consuming, from preparing various materials to organizing training sessions. And despite it all, your employees still might abandon the software if they struggle to use it.

Lemon Learning empowers your teams to master their tools quickly and with ease, thanks to interactive guides integrated directly within their applications including CRM, HRIS, ERP, intranet, and even unique in-house tools.

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