Cornerstone: A talent management system

Cornerstone OnDemand is a talent and career management software developed in 1999. Thanks to its many features including recruitment, training and team management, this highly effective software has several million users across 180 countries. Lemon Learning brings you Cornerstone OnDemand, one of the most popular cloud-based talent management solutions in the world.

Who are Cornerstone?

In 1999, Adam Miller, Steven Seymour, and Perry Wallack founded a company called CyberU, which initially provided online training services for employees. Over time, the company underwent a strategic shift and transformed into Cornerstone, focusing on human resources information systems (HRIS). Today, the company offers a comprehensive cloud-based platform that encompasses talent management, career development, and training solutions.

Established in multiple countries worldwide, Cornerstone settled in Paris, France in 2006, in an effort to increase its market share and develop its business. It then merged with its competitor, Saba Software in 2020 and was acquired by private equity firm Clearlake Capital Group in 2021. Today, more than 6,000 companies use Cornerstone OnDemand to manage various aspects of their business.

What is Cornerstone OnDemand?

Cornerstone OnDemand is HRIS software for businesses and professionals. This powerful AI-powered, skills-based platform gives you access to scalable HR solutions to recruit, manage and train your teams. Scalable to the specific needs of your company, its functionalities are delivered directly to the cloud.

Each cloud solution is developed in-house with a unique code base. This provides users with a modern interface and centralized support system model. The software offers powerful features for applicant tracking, recruiting, onboarding, training management, and employee performance reviews.

The platform also facilitates skills management within a company, compensation management and succession planning. For each HR area (talent management, career management, training management), Cornerstone OnDemand offers software modules adapted to its users.

Cornerstone OnDemand: cloud-based software

How do I use Cornerstone OnDemand?

Cornerstone OnDemand is a SaaS cloud software making it accessible anywhere, from the web and Play Store or App Store mobile apps. The cloud solution is compatible with operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. The platform can be accessed on multiple medias including laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Before accessing the software, you must enter your username and password. Once connected to the software, you can link it to Skype to reach remote employees or LinkedIn to recruit new talent.

What is the price of Cornerstone OnDemand?

Unlike most paid software, Cornerstone OnDemand does not offer a free version. The software also does not offer a free trial period. All the services offered by this tool are accessible in the form of a subscription. Cornerstone also does not provide pricing information for its service offerings on its website.

To subscribe, you need to request a personalized quote from the application publisher. In general, prices depend on your selected features, the number of licenses available, additional features and number of employees.

Compatible with Lemon Learning

Getting started with Cornerstone’s HR solution can be difficult for first-time users. That’s where Lemon Learning steps in to accelerate the day-to-day adoption of Cornerstone software. Our digital adoption platform facilitates the use of software thanks to contextual guides displayed directly inside your tools.


Cornerstone OnDemand offers a popular range of solutions to automate HR processes (talent management, talent recruitment, training, employee management). Your company can benefit from a boost in productivity and performance in addition to data backed HR decision-making by managers. Cornerstone OnDemand is commonly recommended for large companies, SMEs and VSEs in the communication, marketing, IT, agriculture, or aeronautics sectors.

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