SaaS Onboarding: 5 reasons to choose a DAP

Onboarding Saas

67% of users abandon applications when unaccompanied during their first use

(source: Huffington Post)

The percentage of users abandoning applications is high, but it’s not down to user behavior. Abandoned tools are the cause of a much bigger problem – a lack of SaaS onboarding and effective training.

Whether it’s a Digital Workplace, CRM, ERP, HRIS or E-Procurement tool, optimizing SaaS onboarding should begin with setting up the right user support. The good news is that specialized tools, such as a digital adoption platform, were designed to tackle this challenge.

In this article, we’re going to cover digital adoption platforms for SaaS onboarding. 

SaaS Onboarding: what to remember

SaaS Onboarding: what is it?

SaaS onboarding is a process that helps users get to grips with their software, from the very first use.

The best SaaS onboarding should always take place practically inside the tool, and should be implemented in scenarios including:

  • the arrival of new employees in the company
  • the deployment of a new tool
  • training on new features and updates

SaaS onboarding has several objectives:

  • Accompany users in the proper handling of SaaS applications 
  • Increase user retention
  • Educate the added value of the SaaS solution quickly

Many elements that bring us to our next point. 

SaaS Onboarding: why is it important?

If you’ve ever implemented a SaaS application within your company, remember the following. 

SaaS onboarding is not an option. It’s the foundation of end-user adoption (or not) of your SaaS applications. 

Without user onboarding on your SaaS solutions, users will abandon the tools you have in place. It’s as simple (and hard) as that.

Giving up on SaaS onboarding also means giving up on:

  • Adoption of SaaS applications by end users.
  • The goals you established when purchasing your SaaS solution: cost reduction, process standardization, time savings, improved collaboration, etc.

In short, whatever SaaS software you have in place, user onboarding is essential. Now let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Why rely on a digital adoption platform to improve SaaS onboarding?

SaaS Onboarding: 5 advantages of a DAP to improve the handling of your software

A Digital adoption platform is a solution that support the handling of SaaS applications in real time.

Onboarding compatible with all SaaS tools

The first advantage of a digital adoption platform is size. And for good reason, these solutions are compatible with all SaaS software:

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • HRIS
  • E-Procurement
  • Digital Workplace
  • Internal tools

As you will have understood, digital adoption solutions allow you to support your users on all any web-based SaaS tools thanks to a single platform.

Onboarding that’s simple to set up

The second advantage of a digital adoption platform is the simplicity of implementation. Whether it’s integration with your SaaS tools or setting up user onboarding content, a DAP is designed to simplify the process and make your job easier.

  • Simple integration: a digital adoption platform integrates with your digital tools through an extension or a line of code. 
  • Easy handling: the solution has an optimal UX that allows users to master the tool immediately.
  • Practical content implementation: DAPs have an editor that allows you to create user onboarding content in a few clicks and directly from the software.

Onboarding integrated into SaaS applications

With a digital adoption platform, users are supported directly from their applications. There is no need to adopt additional tools to train your employees! Thanks to the integration, user onboarding becomes a second skin overlay on your application, allowing users to access a library of useful and practical content where they work.

Instant onboarding on SaaS solutions

A digital adoption platform allows you to provide real-time user onboarding on your SaaS applications. What does it mean concretely?

  • Users are accompanied from the moment they enter the SaaS software for a better understanding and adoption of the tool.
  • Users have immediate access to onboarding content, any time, and can train continuously according to their needs.

Personalized onboarding according to user populations

Thanks to digital adoption platforms, you can create personalized onboarding journeys according to the different populations of users present on your SaaS software.

Some examples of personalized onboarding according to SaaS tools: 

  • E-Purchasing: differentiated user onboarding according to buyer and supplier users.
  • CRM: personalized user onboarding for sales or marketing teams.
  • HRIS: personalized user onboarding for HR and employees.

Now you’re equipped with the advantages of a digital adoption platform for your user onboarding on SaaS tools! Now we invite you to discover the Lemon Learning platform demo.

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