Software training: 5 reasons to choose a digital adoption platform

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58% of employees say their company uses advanced digital tools but does not provide the training required to master them (source: Randstad)

Digital adoption platforms are crucial to promote the proper handling of digital solutions through software training. To be effective, training programs need to address the unique challenges faced by different companies and employees. 

In this article, we detail how a simple, engaging, and effective training system can be set up using digital adoption platforms for both employers and employees.

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs): what you need to know

Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) are an innovative digital learning solution that enable users to receive step-by-step software training directly inside their software. With real-time access to interactive guides, DAPs make it easier than ever to train and onboard users quickly. If you’re looking for a powerful tool to improve your team’s software adoption, DAPs are definitely worth considering.

Now that you understand the basics of a digital adoption platform, let’s dive deeper into why it’s a game-changer for training employees in digital tools. Here are five reasons why we believe a DAP is the right choice for your company.

1. Increase the effectiveness of training programs

While digital learning offers numerous solutions for training employees in digital tools, not all of them are equally effective. One common problem is choosing a solution that fails to address the specific challenges of your business.

With a digital adoption platform, you can offer your employees an innovative alternative to training in digital tools. It’s possible thanks to a range of tools and features designed to support your business objectives.

Interactive guides for learning by doing: how digital adoption platforms revolutionize employee training

Did you know that only 12% of learners actually apply what they learn from job training? (source: 24×7 Learning). To overcome this challenge, it’s crucial to rethink software training systems in a more practical way. That’s where “learning by doing” comes in, a pedagogical approach that emphasizes learning through practical application.

Digital adoption platforms are built on this principle, allowing employees to train directly within their software through interactive guides. By performing real tasks, employees can take ownership of their tools and increase their proficiency. But that’s not all!

Express learning through microlearning

Digital adoption platforms also rely on microlearning, a training system that uses short, focused modules to quickly build skills. 

This approach is essential because employees only have 1% of their workday to devote to learning (source: Bersin by Deloitte).

🍋 With interactive guides, digital adoption platforms enable employees to receive training at the right time and in short bursts (up to 3 minutes). This approach ensures that employees can learn new skills quickly and easily, even with busy schedules.

2. Simplify the creation and updating of training content

Are you finding it difficult to organize your training courses? Are you struggling to adapt and update your training materials? If so, you’re not alone.

The reason for the complexity is often due to using outdated or ineffective tools that are unable to meet the organization’s specific training needs. But with a digital adoption platform, creating and updating training content is simple and more efficient.

At Lemon Learning, we understand the importance of time-saving and have created a scalable solution that reduces the time it takes to design and update training materials. As a result, our customers have reported up to 80% time savings when creating and updating their training content.

It takes an average of 79h to organize a basic e-learning module (it varies from 49h to 125h depending on the complexity of the training and the structure): preliminary analysis, pedagogical design, training plan, training materials, etc. (source: Chapman Alliance LLC)

Digital adoption platforms provide a solution to the time-consuming task of creating and updating training materials. Traditional training departments can spend countless hours on this process, but with a DAP, the design and update time can be drastically reduced. 

🍋 Lemon Learning has made it a priority to simplify the creation and updating of training content for their customers, resulting in up to an 80% reduction in time spent on these tasks.

3. Reduce training costs

Organizing training has always been an expensive task, and training employees in digital tools is no exception. Companies have to deal with:

  • Monetary loss: training solutions are expensive and require additional human resources (internal or external). If the solution chosen to train users is ineffective, the costs can increase tenfold since a new solution must be found.
  • Time loss: teams (internal or external) must devote a lot of time to designing and updating content, while users must take the time to train.

Digital adoption platforms like Lemon Learning offer a cost-effective solution that increases the ROI of training in multiple ways.

  • Save time in designing training materials with our user-friendly solution.
  • Reduce training and support costs with our scalable solution that facilitates updating of training content.

4. Customizing Software Training

Personalization is crucial to engaging training. While most digital learning platforms recognize this, it can be challenging to implement personalization effectively.

Digital adoption platforms make it possible to provide customized journeys based on user populations, offering a more tailored and relevant training experience.

🍋 Lemon Learning specializes in simplifying complex processes, and that’s why we’ve made educational differentiation possible directly from your digital tools. To take it a step further, you can manage your training and profile customization from our administration tool.

5. Strengthen learner engagement

To improve training, it is important to focus on strengthening learners’ motivation. But where do you start? Understanding their needs is essential to increasing learner engagement.

49% of employees prefer training when they need it and 58% prefer to learn at their own pace (source: LinkedIn)

Your employees are like the TikTok generation: they want content that is short, fun, and accessible on demand. That’s where digital adoption platforms come in.

DAPs offer real-time accessibility directly from digital tools, which is their main asset. But they also have another advantage: communication. At Lemon Learning, we understand the importance of keeping learners engaged and motivated, which is why we offer personalized and interactive training content that helps them learn and grow at their own pace.

Communicate directly from digital tools

Did you know you can communicate with your employees directly from their software? Lemon Learning makes this possible with two key features.

🍋 Push notifications: send messages or gather information from software users through a pop-up.

🍋 Tooltips: provide hints and tips for specific elements on the software interface.

These features can have a significant impact on users, whether it’s to announce the arrival of a new tool, highlight a new feature, or explain the usefulness and operation of a specific element in your software.

Focus on asynchronous training

The training doesn’t stop once your tool is deployed! Since tools are constantly evolving, the training must too.

Thanks to its scalable nature, a digital adoption platform makes it possible to update training content with software updates. The results?

This results in numerous benefits for your business, including:

  • Simplified and streamlined documentation updates
  • Adaptability to hybrid work models
  • Real-time accessibility of training content for employees in different time zones.

Employee perspective:

  • Your employees receive timely training on digital tools.
  • Your employees have access to updated documentation that reflects software updates.

There you have it! You now understand the numerous benefits of using a digital adoption platform for training your employees on digital tools. If this article has sparked your interest, we invite you to contact us!

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