Application support: 3 advantages of digital adoption platforms

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are revolutionizing the world of business software. These embedded application support systems are seamlessly integrated into CRM, ERP, HRIS, or Purchasing IS tools, providing users with step-by-step guidance through interactive guides. The benefits are significant—reduced support requests, lower support costs, and increased user engagement with digital tools. Discover 3 advantages of digital adoption platforms to optimize your application support. 

1. Application support directly integrated into your software

Accessibility is a primary strength of digital adoption platforms (DAPs). By seamlessly integrating with digital tools, DAPs enable user training and provide on-demand support. Users can access a comprehensive library of real-time interactive guides without needing to leave their applications. Offering GPS-like navigation, DAPs provide step-by-step guidance for users throughout their software journey, starting from onboarding and continuing throughout their daily interactions.

2. Reduced support requests and costs

In addition to providing on-demand application support, digital adoption platforms (DAPs) offer long-term support optimization. How? First, through software training: interactive guides enable users to learn by doing, resulting in better retention of training content. And second, the accessibility of interactive guides promotes user autonomy in software usage. This results in:

  • A decrease in support requests, including Tier 1 and Tier 2 support requests, leading to reduced support costs.
  • Support teams gaining more time to address complex support requests, resulting in shorter processing times.

In summary, DAPs are invaluable assets for enhancing the quality of support and driving continuous improvement.

3. Better user experience for better software adoption

The underlying principle is simple: through step-by-step application support, users gain independence, make fewer software errors, and experience reduced digital-related frustrations. As a result, they exhibit less resistance to change, and quickly recognize the added value of digital solutions, and fully leverage their potential for increased productivity. User engagement, reduced support requests and costs, and successful tool adoption are the key advantages of digital adoption platforms for your application support. Among these platforms, Lemon Learning stands as a leader in the French market.

Sarah C

Sarah oversees all things inbound marketing, exploring the many business uses and topics surrounding digital adoption. Her previous experiences include B2C and product marketing in the social listening space, uncovering emerging industry trends.