Why a digital adoption platform is a must-have

Are your teams struggling to get the most out of their software? Are you having a hard time engaging your employees? Does your company culture address the value of digital transformation? 

What if the skeleton key to all these issues was training users directly from their software? In every organization there should be an intersection between innovation, change management and digital transformation. One solution that can bring these topics into closer harmony is a digital adoption platform (DAP)

Let’s dive into why a digital adoption platform is a must-have to help users master their software.

What is a digital adoption platform?

A digital adoption platform is a software specifically designed to help navigate users through their digital tools (ERP, HRIS, E-Procurement, CRM or in-house tool accessible online) with full autonomy, using on-demand guides and 24/7 Self-Service Support. Platform features include step-by-step in-app walkthroughs and unlimited access to guides – providing organizations with an interactive environment to onboard, train, and update their users. 

A digital adoption platform is an autonomous training tool with full remote capabilities, real-time analytics, customizable and easily adaptable training guides to address all your users needs.

Digital adoption platform: a must for successful digital transformation

🍋 Having the right tools is good; knowing how to use them is great

CRM, ERP, HR systems, procurement tools, messaging apps, video apps, calling apps, training portals… the list goes on, and continues to grow exponentially year-on-year. Armed with countless tools day to day, users require more than time-consuming, inefficient and traditional methods to master their software. Consider new hires and internal transfers, what about their varying levels in digital competence?

The overarching question is, how can you help all of your users with one solution?

Employees and clients need to master their software faster than ever, to avoid an impact on their performance and reduce the risk of skills obsolescence. Software solutions are continually updated with additional features and replaced entirely over time.

A digital adoption platform can help place people back at the heart of digital transformation. Implementing a digital adoption platform supports users step-by-step in the training and adoption of their software. Our reliance on technology makes successful adoption an essential factor in the sustainability of business operations and your employees’ ability to master their tools. 

Digital adoption platforms (DAPs): GPS navigation for your software

Worried about investing in another overlooked tool? It’s time to rethink your strategy. When your tools go unused, it’s often because they don’t align with your users’ needs.

28% of software installed on workstations is unused (source: 1E)

Among other things, your software is no exception to the first impression rule: a user’s first interaction with their software greatly affects its probability of use.

By integrating directly into your software, a digital adoption platform allows you to support your users right from the start: as soon as they open their tools. There’s no need to leave the CRM or Purchasing system to get the answers: the information is right where they are! In addition, supporting your users from beginning to end of their navigation allows you to reduce your user loss (churn) by 67% (Huffington Post)! The facts are unanimous, digital adoption platforms can be a major asset for improving the user experience on your applications ! 

The Learning by Doing solution by Lemon Learning 

At Lemon Learning, we believe there’s no better way to learn, than by doing. This is why our solution is based on the teaching methodology of learning by doing. The principle? Your users have access to interactive guides directly from their software tools. Thanks to this method, they navigate independently and get to the information they need, when they need it!

Guide your users in real time with a digital adoption platform (DAP)

Are your teams overwhelmed by support tickets? They’re not alone. 

On average, corporate support teams take 24.2 hours to respond to internal tickets (source: Zendesk)

That’s enough to discourage your users from continuing to use their software solutions.

With digital adoption platforms you can support your employees at every step of their journey: from creating a sales campaign, to issuing an invoice, or requesting leave. Users have access to the content they want, when they need it! Support your employees in real-time – so your teams gain productivity while your support costs decrease.

Create tailor-made training guides in no time

Would you like to dive into a 100-page manual on how to use a feature? Well, it’s exactly the same for your users. In fact, it’s the best way for users to associate frustration with their tools, and as a result increase user churn. But how can you create personalized training journeys without wasting a lot of time?

Thanks to digital adoption platforms, you can customize your training according to the business needs of your company. Better still, you can update your training in the event of any upgrades to your applications!

🍋 With Lemon Learning, personalization is within everyone’s reach

With Lemon Learning, you can personalize your guides according to user profile, the department, or the country of your collaborators. No need for technical skills: you can create different content simultaneously in just a few clicks!

In summary, digital adoption platforms have a lot to offer! Time, budget, performance, but also employee experience: digital adoption platforms are now essential to help you support your employees throughout their digital transformation and change management journey.