A new way to train your teams

Whether you have new hires to train on your tools and processes or want to offer ongoing support to all your team members, Lemon Learning has revolutionized enterprise training. How? By integrating personalized support directly within user tools. Lemon Learning’s microlearning content empowers users to learn by doing.

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Training that’s easy to put in place

Lemon Learning’s interactive guides integrate directly with your tools via plugin or a simple line of JavaScript code, never slowing down your page load times. Make your training content more engaging with images, GIFs, videos, quizzes, and surveys!

A Performance Support System 

Your teams can leverage on-demand access to interactive guides to complete their daily tasks swiftly and effectively, whatever the software. With on-demand guides, teams can achieve their objectives without time-consuming support requests or distractions.

GPS navigation for all your tools

With just a few clicks, users are provided step-by-step guidance through each function of your digital tools, ensuring both new and experienced users receive the right support.

Personalized training on-demand for all your employees

Only 12% of learners put what they learn into practice from the training they receive in the workplace (source: 24×7 Learning). That’s why we’ve reimagined training. Forget those 200-page user manuals and video tutorials people never watch! 

With Lemon Learning, train your teams in business processes and tools in just a few clicks. A question about a feature? Our content library offers the information they need, right when they need it.

And because we know that training is both complex and costly, Lemon Learning offers interactive guides that evolve along with your tools and adapt to each user, all without requiring any technical expertise!

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